Monday, February 27, 2017

Spotted LBD + Favorite OTK Boots

I am so excited about today's post because I absolutely LOVE this spotted little black dress! The number one reason why I love it so much is because of how versatile it is - I have styled it so many ways already!! I paired it with my favorite over the knee boots for a date night with Chris, but have also worn it with a jean jacket and white sneakers for a casual day time look, and with simple heels for church, showers, or weddings. I know come spring that I'll be wearing it all. the. time. with my favorite block heel sandals. It's such a flattering dress and I love that I can make it work for any occasion! All I'm saying is that you need this dress!!

Now, let's talk about these over the knee boots. Three things: 1. They are so comfortable (don't slide down). 2. They are on sale. 3. They are on sale. They are by far the designer dupes for the infamous Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots, and less than $100...score. For size reference, I'm always an 8 and ordered a size 39 and they fit perfect. I know you might be thinking that it's crazy to buy a pair now that spring is almost here, but get them while they are on sale and you'll have them come fall! And trust me, the over the knee boot trend isn't going anywhere!

Photos | Catherine Truman

spot ruffle dress | more affordable one here (under $40!) | over the knee black boots (on sale!) | sunglasses | earrings | purse, old, similar here and love this one

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that your week is getting off to a great start on this Monday! Thanks so much for reading.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Celebrating this cutie's birthday - he turns 3 today!! He is my real live teddy bear who loves to snuggle, and I love him so much! I can't wait to give him his birthday cake later today.

"I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source."

I had to share that in honor of Louie's birthday because I totally agree with it! The companionship of a dog is like no other. 

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Yesterday I shared some of my favorite spring things under $100, and while I was putting that round up together, I came across so many cute pairs of spring shoes! These are on sale for under $50 and would make the perfect shoe for spring - great color to go with everything!!

I absolutely adore this look - oh my goodness, the pants!

This list of easy house plants to keep alive - because you know I don't have the greenest thumb!

Sweet Potato Clean Eating Brownies - I know that sounds weird, but they look delicious!

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Happy Friday friends! This week has been a really good one because of all the warm weather! It's been so nice to work with my windows open and to have the sun shining during my daily runs! Vitamin D is good for the soul... am I right?!! How was your week? No big weekend plans around here - just doing some home chores #adulting and going to dinner with friends on Saturday. What about you? Enjoy! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring Things Under $100

Spring Things Under $100

Trench Coat | Skinny Jeans | Sunglasses | Peep Toe Zip Booties | Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top Slide Mule Sandals | Disc Monogram Pendant Solange Drop Earrings | Faux Leather Saddle Bag | Lip Embroidered Espadrilles | Embroidered Blouse | Faux Leather Satchel Sundown Romper | Moto Jacket

I can't believe it's almost March - which means spring is right around the corner (cue the praise hands)! Lately we've been having exceptionally warm weather here in Nashville, and it's definitely got me craving all things spring!! I want to get a couple fun new pieces for the season without breaking the bank, so today I rounded up some of my current favorites - all under $100!

A good trench coat is a spring must have, and I found this one on major sale - get it while it lasts! I have these sunglasses in brown (see here), and I want them in the pretty pink color for darling! I love a good pair of slides, and these are super affordable and come in a few colors. They would look so cute styled with these jeans and this fun embroidered topThis bag is a great designer dupe and it's under $60!!

On another note, I want to thank all of you who reached out to me after Tuesday's post. I get the most responses from y'all when I share a faith/life based post... and I love that! It reminds me why I started this blog in the first place. I love interacting with you guys, so thank you so much for reaching out to me. It makes me so happy to hear my words are encouraging and inspiring you. I hope y'all are having a great Thursday - treat yourself to something spring like to celebrate the weekend being upon us... ha ha... Happy spring shopping!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

5 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship With God

It's been a week since Valentine's Day, and whether you celebrated with your spouse, a friend, with family, or alone - it was an important day to really step back and think about love and our relationships. But while most people were focusing on the relationships they have with other people, I wanted to take some time to focus on the most important relationship we can have - our relationship with God.

The concept of knowing God on a personal level and having a true relationship with Him seems so abstract that it seems impossible to ever understand. We get stuck in this rut of just going through the motions - a quick prayer here and there and daydreaming through the church sermon. I know this because I've lived in it (and still do sometimes).

I grew up in church, my parents taking me and my sisters every time the doors opened (and I'll always be thankful for that because it developed such a strong Christian foundation for my life), but through adulthood I've found myself just going through the "Christian motions" more times than I'd like to admit. It wasn't until recently (after years of struggling with infertility) that I found myself on my knees and truly calling out to God - for hope, help, peace, patience... all of it.

I had a void that needed filling, and the relationship I needed to be the strongest at that time was the relationship I had been neglecting the most. It was then I realized that nothing in my life would ever be complete and truly fulfilling until I had a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. There have been some pretty dark days, but none so dark that God's light doesn't shine through and pick me up - and I truly believe that's because I've taken the time to really grow my relationship with Him and bring it back to life.

What we put in is what we get out - and ever since I turned back to God and started focusing on my relationship with Him, my life has become abundantly more full. No, I'm not pregnant yet - but now it's about so much more than that. It has become more about a loving relationship with the only one who can truly provide me with true happiness. My womb is still empty but my void has been filled. It was God that I needed all along.

Do I still get sad and upset? Yes. Do I still have days of anger and frustration? Yes. But those days are now a whole lot better knowing that I have hope in God's timing and a plan that is much bigger than me - because I've felt it. I've felt His love and His mercy in my darkest moments.

Maybe you're looking for that same peace and hope today - a transformation because you're tired of standing still. So where do you start? What do you do? Based on my experience, here are five ways on how you can grow and rekindle your relationship with God:

1. Surrender - You have to let it all go and trust God. Surrender your fears, questions, and feelings of uncertainty. To have a true relationship with God, you can't be in control. So let your guard down and surrender. There are great things waiting when you finally let go and let God!

2. Forgive yourself - Part of letting go is getting rid of all your burdens and forgiving yourself. Don't beat yourself up about the fact that you haven't been praying enough or great at following God's word - He forgives you and is happy that you're here now... ready to take on the next step of having a relationship with Him.

3. Think about your testimony - Thinking about your life in a testimonial way really helps you to connect more with God because you know that what you're going through is a all part of a greater plan. My preacher recently said this - "God doesn't waste your pain" - and it really stuck out to me. Our pain is part of our testimony, and our testimony is a reflection of our relationship with God and what he's done and is doing in our lives.

4. Make time - Just like with any relationship, you have to commit to it and make time for it. Your relationship will not grow if you're not present in it! You have to spend time with God daily - through prayer, studying His word and learning scripture. My days have been 100 times better since I've been setting aside time to really be with God - to be still and know Him. It will deepen your relationship with Him more than anything!

5. Get involved - You have to have a team! A team of believers that are on the same path as you - seeking God. This is where the church comes in. It's been a long time since I was involved in a church and going on a regular basis, but this year we joined a church here and Nashville and it's been life changing. Being surrounded by people who love God (and you) really helps to strengthen your relationship with God because you truly see His love pouring from other people.

Please know that I am not claiming to know it all, and I still find myself striving to have a better relationship with God every day! I hate admitting that it took something like infertility to make me want to rekindle my relationship with God. But I am being honest - with you, myself, and God.

Sometimes He takes us through trials to bring us closer to Him, and that's where I am today... working to make my relationship with God stronger, to truly know Him on a deeper level - rather than just going through the motions.

Where are you today? If you feel a lot like me, I'd love to hear! Or if you think you have a great relationship with God, I'd love to hear more about your experience and what you've learned through it! Thanks so much for reading!

Photos | Catherine Truman

cow hide rug, old, similar here | white slipcovered dining chairs white curtains table runner | white tee (so comfy and only $18!) | gray scarf, old, similar here

Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter Wear

As I'm typing this it's currently 70 degrees outside.... so there's that. But in my defense, when I shot these photos it was a cold one! Honestly this winter in Nashville has been anything but normal. One week it's 70 degrees and sunny and the next it's 35 degrees and windy... #confused. But even with the weird weather conditions, I've still been getting plenty of wear out of some of my favorite winter pieces.

These Sorel Boots have been perfect because they aren't too warm for our mild southern winters but definitely good enough for colder temps - I wore them every day while we were in Colorado for a ski trip and they kept me plenty warm! A parka coat is another winter must have, and this one is on major sale right now - currently marked down 50%!!

And while I'm going on about my favorite winter wear, I'm currently wearing shorts and about to head out for a run in the sunshine. I'm not putting my winter wear up just yet though because I know the weather will do yet another shift.. who knows, it will probably be snowing on Easter! I hope y'all have a great Monday - thanks so much for reading!

Photos | Catherine Truman

Sorel Boots | Puffer Coat (under $90!) | Seamed Black Leggings | Sweater, sold out, similar here (only $26!) and here | Beanie (only $19!) | Cable Knit Scarf

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