Sunday, November 19, 2017

Exciting News!!

This is by far the most exciting post I've ever written!! Chris, Louie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that we are expecting a special delivery in June 2018! It still doesn't seem real even as I type it. I have been waiting to share the news with the social media world until around 12 weeks, and since I am officially 12 weeks pregnant today... I couldn't wait any longer!

As most of you know, it took a long time for Chris and I to get here. We struggled with infertility for almost 4 years and decided to move forward with IVF this summer - read more about that journey here. Everything we've been through to this point hasn't been easy, but I can say now that it has all been worth it. I wake up every day with a thankful heart, as I know this baby is truly an answered prayer and a blessing from God.

There is so much I've learned on this journey, and it's something I want to touch on more... but for now I want to keep things lighthearted and just enjoy sharing the news, without all the infertility and IVF talk. It's nothing I am ashamed of - I am so thankful for our story and how God will use it, but up to this point, everything I've ever written about pregnancy has come with limitations and labels... and just out of the norm. So today, I want to be a normal woman announcing my pregnancy and sharing how excited we are :) - but more details on how we got here, how things have been, and what we learned will come soon.

This couldn't be a more perfect time of year to announce, as we see the true meaning of thankful in a whole new light this season. We are spending the next week revealing the gender to our families (yes, we already know... that's one perk of IVF, haha!) and enjoying every moment of something we dreamt of for so long.

I want to thank each of you for all of your sweet messages, comments, and emails along the way. I will never be able to explain how much they have meant to me. Sharing my journey with you all has been so helpful - always making me feel so loved and prayed for. I hope you all have a great week... bring on all the Thanksgiving food!Thanks so much for reading!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall Festivities

Fall is in full swing, and we have been enjoying all the fall festivities here in Nashville! We've been jumping around to all the neighborhood fall festivals and enjoyed a visit to Cheekwood Harvest just last week. With all the fall fun going on, I was excited to team up with Draper James to host a fall backyard party with my gal pal Melissa from A Happy Healthy Heart!

We kept the menu simple, but with all the fall favorites - complete with apple cider, s'mores, and Melissa's yummy pumpkin soup! I love all things pumpkin, so this soup definitely hit the spot. It's the perfect thing to serve on a crisp fall day! You can head to Melissa's blog here to get the recipe.

Draper James gifted us some of their newest pieces to promote their fall fashion line, and Melissa and I ended up wearing the Meadow Vines Lace Top and Stripe Mohair Sweater. I picked the Mohair Sweater because I'm a sucker for a comfy sweater and stripes - especially in the fall! Draper James is Reese Witherspoon's clothing store that was started here in Nashville, and it has quickly become one of my favorite brands! I just love the southern details of all of her pieces. You can see more of our backyard fall picnic over on the Draper James Blog - we just loved teaming up with them!

I just love this time of year! Fall festivals and backyard parties with friends are things that make my heart so happy. What fall festivities have you been enjoying lately? I can't believe we are just one day away from Halloween! I'm going out to buy allll the candy today. We go through about 4 large bags at my house - our neighborhood is crazy busy with trick or treaters on Halloween night! Wishing you a happy one and thanks for reading! XO -

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dining Room Makeover with Sarah Catherine Design

I'm so excited to finally be sharing a project that has been in the works behind the scenes for a few months now! I've shared bits and pieces along the way over on Instagram, but in case you haven't seen it there, I teamed up with Sarah from Sarah Catherine Design to give my dining room a whole new look! I love meeting and working with like minded entruperners here in the Nashville area, so collaborating with Sarah was such a treat. When I found her on Instagram (check her out here), I absolutely fell in love with her interior design and knew she'd be the perfect person to help me complete a project I had in mind.

My dining room has been a work in progress for years, and it came to the point where I simply did not have the time, or energy, to complete it. So it sat in a barren state, with odds and ends to make due (see before pic below). Thankfully, I came across Sarah's work, and I knew she was the solution. Within the first few minutes of our initial meeting, I was so relieved to have a designer's opinion and guidance to help me complete my dining room. It is one of the first rooms you see when you enter our house, so I really wanted it to be something I loved showing to guests. Not to mention, it's the room where so many meals are shared. I was ready for the decor to be completed so that I would feel more comfortable to host gatherings in this special room.

She listened to what I had in mind, and instantly helped me create a vision for the dining room. She was able to find so many beautiful pieces (like the new chairs - love!) that reflected my decor style and fit the overall vibe of my house. The best part is that she handled everything. From the sourcing, to the ordering, shipping, delivery and setup. In no time at all, my dining room was given a complete makeover, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.

My favorite transformation has to be the IKEA open shelving! If I'm being honest, I bought these shelves a while back because they were cheap, and I needed something on that wall. It was my quick fix solution. I never imagined they could turn out to look so good. Sarah was able to take what I already had and transform it into something that totally works with the room! Thanks to her styling, they turned out to beautiful and functional - showcasing some of our china, as well as our record player for some dinner time tunes. Another favorite is the beautiful chandelier. I love the statement it makes when you turn the corner from our living room, heading into the dining room - it's gorgeous!!

I highly recommend Sarah for your interior design needs (bonus - she also does photography)! Not only does she do amazing work, but she will quickly become one of your good friends - she is so out going and bubbly! I loved working with her so much that I am now using her design expertise to give my kitchen a facelift, as well as some final touches in my living room! Make sure to check her out on Instagram, and visit her website to see some of her amazing work.

So who wants to come over for my first dinner party?!! I seriously can't wait to make so many memories with my family and friends in our beautiful new dining room!

To see the full transformation, take a look at the before and after picture below! Thanks so much for reading! XO -

Before Picture

After Picture

Black Open Shelves | Rug | Gold Frames | Crosley Record Player | Lamps (in french blue)

*Contact Sarah Catherine Design for info on other sourced items*

Photos by Catherine Truman