Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

Packing for a getaway to Mexico with Chris and a few of our good friends!

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children through the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, & handed on for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

"Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it."

A few of my favorite quotes in honor of Memorial Day weekend. May we never forget those who sacrificed their lives fighting for our freedom!

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is in full swing, until June 4th, and here are a few of my favorites from the sale - you can save up to 40%!

An old church pew serving as dining room seating

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we normally head to the lake with Chris's family for Memorial Day weekend, but this year is a little different - we are headed to Mexico! Our good friends, Ashley and John, invited us to vacation with them at Ashley's family beach house they have in Cabo. We couldn't be more excited to not only visit Cabo and soak in the sun, but also to spend time with some friends that we don't see often enough since living in two different states.

We don't leave until Sunday morning, but I had to pack early because we are spending the first part of the weekend in my hometown to celebrate my grandfather turning 80! I am typing this from the house I grew up in, while sipping coffee with my mom. Being home always feels good, but being here to celebrate my grandfather, the backbone of our family, makes it even more special! 

Being with family, starting the week with good friends in Cabo, and celebrating Memorial Day has me feeling especially grateful going into the weekend. What are your plans? I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is Your Favorite Holiday?

I love holidays - mainly because I love any chance to fellowship with friends and family over good food and conversation. I also love how each holiday has rituals of their own, making them special in their own way. By default, I feel like I should say that Christmas is my favorite holiday. That is everyone's favorite, right? I do love that time of year and the joy it brings, but I'm also a big fan of Memorial Day. Yep, you read that right.

I know Memorial Day isn't considered one of the "official" holidays - like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, but it's a holiday that I have always found particularly enjoyable for so many reasons. For an obvious reason, it's the (unofficial) start of summer! As a former school teacher, this holiday meant school's out, and the joy that brought was enough reason on its own to make it my number one holiday! Any teachers out there feel me? I also love that the holiday brings people outside - for BBQs, pool days, and my personal favorite - days on the boat! Chris's dad has a lake house in Georgia, and it's been our tradition for years to celebrate Memorial Day with his family at the lake. I just love kicking off summer on the water.

Being back on the boat means it's officially stripe season! Nothing says boat day more than stripes, right?! This Captain Dress from Cabi's Coastal Cafe Collection is the cutest striped dress to carry you through summer! It's the perfect boat day dress, or just walking around town dress - even better with a popsicle... because summer. I linked several adorable (and affordable) striped dresses for summer below!

I can't go without saying that I also love Memorial Day because of the meaning behind it, which we (myself included) often overlook - remembering those who lost their lives in active military service. I think people who serve our country deserve as many holidays as they want. We should stop and celebrate/remember them way more than we do - so thank you to those who are currently serving, and my deepest sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones who were serving.

Photos by Catherine Truman

So tell me, what is your favorite holiday? And how will you be spending Memorial Day?

Cabi Captain Dress (c/o) also love this one, now 40% off! | White Sneakers | Lipstick | Sunglasses

Monday, May 22, 2017

Smiles for Summer

While I know it's not officially summer (yet), I can't help but be all smiles because this past weekend was one of those that gave me all the summer feels. It started with an impromptu date night, walking to one of our favorite neighborhood spots. The weather was perfect, warm with a slight breeze, and on our walk I could hear the crickets chirping - a good indication that summer nights are near. We sat under twinkling lights on the restaurant patio, and it felt good to be dining al fresco again!

On Saturday morning, I got up early and had my coffee on the front porch before heading out to a blogger event hosted by Core Power Yoga and Avo. Hopefully you were able to see more on my Insta Story, but this was an exclusive preview event to promote the grand opening of the new Core Power Yoga studio that will be opening in the Nashville area next week. We did our practice outside and soaking in the sunshine was amazing! The rest of the day was filled with more outdoor events - a walk to the Farmer's market where I picked up fresh strawberries and then a stroll through the neighborhood carnival, complete with food trucks and live music. The day left me sun-drenched and smiling for more summer days ahead.

Sunday also didn't disappoint, with another beautiful day and time spent with our church community. We had two church league kickball games, followed by an I Do BBQ for a couple in our small group class who will be getting married this summer. I found myself outside again, with community, and loving every minute of it. Isn't that what summer is all about? Spending more time outdoors with those you love - whether it's dinner on the patio, exercising in the sun, strolling through the farmers market, playing outdoor games, or attending a BBQ. Getting a little taste of that this weekend was just what I needed!

These printed jogger pants have quickly become a favorite of mine - especially for those warmer days! I recently packed them for our trip to St. Thomas and they made for the perfect vacation pants. I dressed them up for dinner and down with flip flops and a tank for a casual day of island exploring. Sadly, my print is no longer available, but I linked them in a different print! Bonus, they are under $80 right now! So how was your weekend? I hope you're getting warm, summer like days where you are! Thanks so much for reading.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cabi Coastal Cafe Collection: The Flirt Skirt

Do you have many skirts in your closet? I'm not one to typically shop for, or wear skirts, because I'm more of a dress person, but this Cabi flirt skirt caught my eye, and I thought it would be a fun addition to my summer wardrobe! It's cute, yet comfortable, and the length makes it appropriate for all occasions - date night, church, wedding, or a casual afternoon out. I even paired it with heels and a cute blazer for a collaboration meeting that I had this week! The Flirt Skirt is part of Cabi's new Coastal Cafe Collection, and you can see the rest of the collection here.

How has your week been? It's been a pretty busy one for me - with meetings on Monday and a quick trip to Oxford, Mississippi on Tuesday to teach an Essential Oil 101 class at my sister's house. Y'all, I absolutely love sharing essential oils! They have seriously changed my overall lifestyle and wellness, and I love being able to share that and help people take control of their health in a natural way. The party was so fun - great food (all made with essential oils), and great learning and conversations. Plus I got to see my adorable 6 month old nephew, which let's get real, is the real reason I went.

If you're interested in learning more about my journey with essential oils, or how you can experience their amazing benefits, just let me know - I would be happy to send you some samples to try too! Wellness is a category that you're going to start seeing a lot more of here on the blog - along with some other changes that I can't wait to share with you soon! Hope you're coasting into the weekend - happy almost Friday and thanks for reading!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites

Spending vacation time with my hubby at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas!

"I don't want to spend decades on this planet and never see the diversity of places God created."

I love to travel, and one reason is because I'm always left in awe of this beautiful earth God created. As I watched the sunset in St. Thomas all last week, I couldn't help but think what an amazing God we serve, and how He really is the best artist!

For more inspiration, follow my Pinterest board Words to Love.

I got a few questions about some of my beach looks from our trip over on Instagram and wanted to share some of the things I wore over here on the blog for those who don't have! You can shop the items by clicking directly on them, and don't forget to click the arrows to see more!

I made this Almond Butter Thai Salad and it was delicious!

Yard goals for our backyard fence

How serene does this bedroom look?

Happy Friday! This week has been a doozy - I think I'm still on island time. Catching up the week after a vacation is always tough, but the vacation is so worth it! I barely checked email when we were away, so along with coming back to a yard full of weeds, I also came back to an overflowing inbox. BUT, I am thankful for the emails because most of them were blog related or Essential Oil related - which indicates that both of my businesses are thriving! It reminded me that it's better to have a full inbox than an empty one.

I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you, thank you to the sweet soul who is reading this right now - I am so happy that you're here! I've had a few of my readers ask me for an infertility update, which is so sweet that I have people I've never even met checking on me and continuously praying for us as we walk this journey. It seriously warms my heart and reminds me that my readers ROCK! I will be doing a full update soon!! Thank you for reading and thank you for caring. Have a great weekend, ya'll!
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