Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

A cozy weekend filled with Christmas movies and Christmas treats. 

"When you love what you have, you have everything you need." 

Try not to get caught up in the "stuff" this holiday season.. the presents, the spending, the madness. Reflect on what you do have and be thankful that you have everything you need.

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This month, I will be sharing holiday favorite finds to help you with your shopping! Today, I'm sharing some great gift ideas for her! All great picks for your mom, sister, bestie, etc.

This hilarious sweater that I definitely need now that the temps have dropped!! Is it cold where you are?? Because it's freezing in Nashville this week!

Dreaming of a trip to the Maldives. It has been on my bucket list for forever... one day we'll make it out there, hopefully!

A list of 18 festive New Year's Eve Appetizers. I think a lot of these would also be great for the Christmas parties and get togethers! 

Happy Friday to you! It has been a busy week here on the blog - in case you missed it, I shared a holiday party lookmy thoughts on slowing down this holiday season, teamed up with Godiva on spreading Christmas cheer, and part one of my holiday home tour! How was your week? I know the holidays are a super busy time, but I hope you found a little time to relax and enjoy the season in all its glory. I've been watching Christmas movies and sipping hot chocolate just about every night! Tonight we are having a little holiday dinner with friends and then heading to Atlanta tomorrow to celebrate an early Christmas with Chris's dad and that side of the fam! Let the holiday festivities begin! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. What are your plans? Thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Home Tour // Part I

I am so excited to be sharing part one of my holiday home with you guys today! I had to break it into two parts because there are so many pictures I want to share with y'all! I'm mainly sharing the dining room area today, and next week I will share my living room! I absolutely love decorating for the holidays, and I always keep it pretty neutral. Also, as you can see, I kept my decor pretty simple this year. I mentioned more about that here and here.

I love the classic, timeless look of fresh greenery, white lights, and candles. I put fresh greenery literally all around the house - it brings it to life for the holidays and smells soooo good!! I also love adding wreaths in the windows - real of course! I don't do any fake greenery! Chris is actually the one who brought this tradition into our home. He will not accept fake greenery.. and now I'm in total agreement with him! You just can't beat the fresh stuff.

I added the cutest little Christmas cottages to our buffet table this year. I saw these on Etsy back in October and fell in love with them. I hope to keep collecting them over the years and adding to my collection. I love that they are handmade and that you can add a village light inside them or light them with a string of lights like I did. I added bottle brushed trees and a little fake snow to complete the look!

Photos | Catherine Truman

How do you decorate? Do you have a theme or overall look that you go for? I'd love to hear! Thanks so much for stopping by today and happy Friday eve!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Cheer

One thing I love most about this time of year is the Christmas cheer that can be felt all around us. You see more people smiling and hugging. You see houses lit up with twinkling lights and wreaths on windows and doors. You see people (and businesses) spreading love and joy through the spirit of giving. There's just something so magical about this time of year!

This past week, I received my very own little box of Christmas cheer from Godiva, and more importantly, it's a box that keeps on giving. I opened it up to find one box of chocolates for me to keep (which, by the way, was eaten in one day!), but also a box to give to someone else. I thought this concept was so fitting for the holidays and a great way to spread Christmas cheer... I mean, who doesn't love a yummy box of chocolates?!

I think simple gifts such as a box of chocolates are so thoughtful and something everyone will enjoy. I especially love the classic gold holiday collection and their holiday gift boxes. They even have the cutest tiny boxes that would make great stocking stuffers! Right now, you can get 25% off your order of $50-$600 with the code FRIEND. Start spreading the Christmas cheer today!

Photos | Catherine Truman

Godiva chocolates (c/o) | scarf over the knee boots sweater (on sale for $10!)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Talk Tuesday: On Slowing Down this Season

"We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, and truly see the things that matter most." 
- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Is it just me, or do the holidays seem to fly by and by the end of December, you're not sure how you got there and where the season went? I remember feeling so let down on the day after Christmas last year because just like that, it was gone...the most wonderful time of the year. I know that all good things must come to an end, but I was mostly upset because I wasn't sure I had even enjoyed the holiday season. And more importantly, I knew I hadn't focused on what Christmas is truly about.

Looking back, I spent most of it trying to check things off a holiday to-do list, trying to buy the perfect gifts, trying to wrap every present with the best bow ever.... just trying to do it all. And the thing about trying to do it all is.... you can't. You can't do it all without sacrificing something along the way. For me, I sacrificed the true joy, and meaning, of the holiday season. I let it pass me by. This year, I've entered the Christmas season with a whole new mindset: slowing down. I'm putting less emphasis on the holiday hype and more emphasis on the real reason for the season.

So how am I slowing down this season?

Focusing on Christ: I'm bringing the true meaning of Christmas back into my heart by focusing on the birth of Jesus. I've made it a priority to start each day in God's word with the She Reads Truth Advent Bible study.  It's been so nice to slow down and start the day reflecting on what this season really means and rejoicing in the fact that Jesus Christ was born - the most important gift we could have every received and the true reason for the season.

No holiday to-do list: In years past, I've always made a Holiday To-Do List to keep track of everything I want to get done during the holiday season.. like what holiday events I want to go to, the candy I want to bake, etc. While having a list helps with organization of events and activities, it also brought stress.. the stress of having to get everything done. This year, I'm focusing on just a few things and not a whole list. I may get to them, I may not... but either way I'm not stressing about it. It's not what the holidays should be about.

Minimalist mindset Our culture has convinced us that the best types of holiday celebrations involve more - more decorations, more presents, more time commitments, more stuff... but this year I've adopted the less is more attitude. I decorated less - using simple things like fresh greenery and things I already own. I didn't want to go buy more decorations... I'm tired of buying more. We are spending less on gifts and giving more to charities. I want to give less to things that are trivial and more to the things that matter.

How will you slow down this holiday season? I'd love to hear how you make sure to enjoy the season and what matters the most to you! As always, thanks so much for reading!

Photos | Catherine Truman

gray fleece pants | sweater (on sale for $10!) | scarf | beanie | stockings, old, similar here (on sale for under $15!) | curtains | chairs

Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Party Style

Now that December is here, the holiday parties will be in full swing! From get togethers with friends, to work Christmas parties, it seems like there is always an event to attend this time of year. It's what makes the holidays so fun.. stopping to enjoy the season and spend time with those around us. I especially love the holiday parties that give you an excuse to dress up, and in my opinion, you can never go wrong with all black and a little fur!

I bought this little black dress a while back, and it's still one of my favorite dresses I own. It has sleeves, which is perfect for the colder weather, and it has pockets!! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?! It's still in stock and comes several colors. I added a statement necklace for a little holiday sparkle, and a simple faux fur vest to add texture and layer to the look! A pair of over the knee boots keeps the look more casual, but a pair of black pumps would dress it up if you're heading to a fancy cocktail party!

We are in full holiday mode over here! We spent the majority of our weekend on the couch watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. In fact, I wore the same outfit of sweats and slippers for almost 24 hours straight (minus the few hours we were outside finishing up the Christmas decorations).. and I have no shame in that. What are weekends for, anyway?

I did manage to get dressed for last night's date at the Nashville Symphony, where we watched Home Alone with the symphony and chorus! The music coming alive while you watch the movie is spectacular and made the classic movie that much better. It was such a fun holiday outing with my man! How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with all things Christmas. I have so much holiday content to share with you guys this week... so I will see you back here tomorrow, and thanks for reading!

Photos | Catherine Truman

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