Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday Boy

Well tomorrow is my birthday, but I can't let my birthday come & go without sharing a few pics from my hubby's special day.

His birthday is May 4th, but since I wasn't blogging then...I didn't have a place to share all the photos of his fun day. One of the many reasons I love this blog now- my own space to do just that!  

I get more excited about his birthday than my own. I love picking out his gift and spoiling him on his birthday as much as I can!! 

I had all of our friends & family come over for a cookout the day before his birthday, but unfortunately didn't get any photos from that day. I know, I know.. bad blogger. We enjoyed eating (as always) and visiting with friends. I even made him a homemade ice cream cake (my mama's recipe that he loves). 

On his actual birthday, we went to lunch at Taco Mamacita for some chips, salsa, and tacos. After stuffing our faces, we went next door to enjoy some gelato from Legato Gelato for a birthday treat. I love this area in Nashville. It's the perfect place to stroll on a beautiful day. 

Then back home to open his present! He asked for a new watch, and I was so happy he loved the one I picked out. Here are a few pics of the handsome birthday boy on his special day!

Thanks for letting me re-live his day- now I can officially focus on my big day! :) 

I wonder what he has planned?! I can't wait to celebrate with him. I know there will be a good meal & cake involved...and that is enough for me. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!
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