Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hometown Visit

For Easter, Chris and I went to my hometown to be with my family. I had just gotten my new Canon, so I was all about snapping pictures everywhere we went. So although this trip was a while ago, and these were some of the first photos I took with my camera, I still want to share them with you. And brag on my hometown just a bit. 

So we will call this a TBT series. You will probably see a few TBT posts considering the blog didn't come to life until this month! There is so much I still want to share from earlier this year: our Antigua trip, Chris's birthday weekend, and our Italy trip (stay tuned for those).

My hometown is very small. There is not much to do. With that being said, I love it. My family is very close…so close that other people might think it's weird. My whole family still lives there: grandparents, parents, sister and her two kids (my other sister lives in my second favorite town: Oxford, MS),  aunt and her family, cousin and his family…you get the idea!

So going home to visit with my family is literally one of the best feelings in the world. When Chris first visited my hometown, I asked him what he thought. His response was, "It's great! So relaxing. Y'all drink a lot of coffee and do a lot of visiting." 

And he is exactly right. We all love to sit on the porch with a fresh cup of coffee and talk. And then you have to go to my grandparents house and do the same thing with them. I bet my mom is on her back porch right now with a cup of coffee. 

On this last visit, my mom told me she wanted to take me to the new Country Time Fruit Stand. Of course, I was up for it! I was really up for it once she told me they had crawfish (I could not  find it ANYWHERE in Nashville & was dying to get my hands on some while being back home). So off we went to the fruit stand.

They had so many goodies! Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, plants, ice cream, peanuts, homemade jams & jellies, sauces, veggie chips, boiled peanuts…you name it, they had it! I loved looking around and snapping pics of my hometown's newest addition. 

Chris wanted root beer- cheers! Jennifer wanted ferns, and mom wanted ice cream! Look at them posing with all of their goodies. Love them. 

I came for one thing only- crawfish!!! I seriously hate that it is so hard to find in Nashville. Sure, some of the restaurants serve it on sandwiches & such... but I am talking about buying by the pounds to take home and cook yourself. How can I host a crawfish boil at my house with no crawfish around?!?

Back to this crawfish. I enjoyed every bit of it…at my house on the back porch paired with a beer. Beer and crawfish really are a perfect pair.

So the next time someone asks me.."What is there to do in your hometown?" I can say- go the fruit stand….duh! 

Thanks for letting me reminise over the taste of crawfish and the thought of being back home! What are your favorite things about your hometown? 

I hope your Thursday has been fantastic- one more day until the weekend! Hang tight, we can make it. 
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