Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 reasons to fall in love with Italy

I fell in love with Italy for many reasons. But my top ten reasons will have you wanting to jump on the next flight to the wonderful country of Italia! 

1. History -  From the Roman Colosseum to The Statue of David in Florence, we were in awe of the things we were able to see. To see things that are over 1,000 years old (some older) is mind blowing. We also enjoyed seeing all the museums and art galleries. If anything, put Italy on your travel list just for the history.

2. Sites - The sightseeing is unbelievable. Every city is beautiful in its own way. There is so much to see and do that it is hard to get it all in on one trip. We loved walking around each city and just exploring the different sites. Walking into different churches was one of my favorite things to do. Every church in that country is breathtaking! 

3. Food - Pasta, pizza, sandwiches …what more could you ask for? Their food is fresh, rich, and just delicious all around. In Venice, we loved going to different cicchetti pubs. They are hole-in-the-wall pubs that serve lines of appetizers at the counter. All fresh and made that day. 

4. People - I was surprised at how friendly everyone was. Italians are the most funny, enjoyable people I've ever been around. They are laid back, love to eat, and have wine with every meal. My kind of people.

5. Coffee - I started my day and ended my day with a caffe latte. We also took espresso breaks during the day. There is a caffe on every corner! They have two main drinks in Italy: coffee and wine. So I fit right in.

6. Wine - Need I say more? They aren't lying when they say Italy is number 1 in the world for wine. I can see why. Wine is a part of their culture, and I may or may not have had a glass with every meal.

7. Architecture - For many of the buildings and churches to be so old, I couldn't believe the architecture. Every building was unique in its own way. One of my favorites was the Duomno in Florence- still the largest masonry dome in the world. 

8. Romance - Have you seen the pictures from our gondola ride in Venice? Seriously the most romantic city ever. Florence has it's romantic perks too, with cute little restaurants tucked away from the  busy streets. Italy definitely put us in touch with our romantic side. 

9. Gelato - This was a must for us every day. This Italian ice cream is to die for, and it's less fattening than regular ice cream! So eating it twice a day while in Italy was a no brainer for me. Our espresso breaks I mentioned earlier were always followed by a waffle cone gelato. That's the way to sight see- gelato in hand. 

10. Shopping - Girls, if you go to your money before hand. Especially if you go to Florence. I could have spent all three of our days in Florence shopping. I had in mind that I was going to buy a piece of jewelry to take back from the trip but quickly changed my mind when I saw an Italian leather clutch that I just couldn't part with. 

If you were thinking about going to Italy, make it happen. If you weren't thinking about going..I hope you are now. I have already told Chris that I want to go back. Ten days wasn't near enough to see and take in all that it has to offer. 

Stayed tuned for more posts our on Italy trip! I plan on sharing pictures from each city that we visited. Ciao and thanks for reading!