Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gondola Ride

Prior to visiting Venice, everyone told us that the gondola rides were a bit cheesy, but we had to do it because it is a Venice staple. The ride ended up being one of my favorite things we did in Italy. Yes, it was a little cheesy…but seriously very romantic- if you go at the right time. Do not do a day ride. No, no, no. It's hot and you can barely get down the canals because of the gondola traffic.

We went at the perfect time- late evening around 8:30 when the sun was setting. The canals weren't crowded, and our driver took his time showing us in and out of the different canals. We took a bottle of wine with us and loved being able to relax, talk, and see the beautiful city. We even got a picture of us kissing on the gondola- I know, super cheesy….I just couldn't help myself. I was feeling all mushy inside.

If you ever get to Venice, put this on your list. It was the perfect evening- gondola ride at sunset followed by a romantic dinner with pasta and wine. Best night ever. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be one day closer to Friday. Are you counting down the days like me? Thanks for reading!