Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

-an afternoon of magazine and catalog browsing paired with apple cider-

-the first of the fall leaves-

-the cutest package from Love, Poppy-

-this face-

Chris has been out of town on a business trip all week, so Louie love and I have had the house all to ourselves. This means a lot of couch and cuddle time for the two of us. When the hubs is not around, I don't feel as guilty about coming home and getting sucked into the TV instead of cooking and getting the laundry done. While I do hate when he travels, I secretly love being able to eat a bowl of cereal and ignore those nightly cleaning duties. Anyone with me on that?

However, him being gone does get me extra excited about our weekend together at home. Yes, home. Our busy schedule is finally slowing down a bit and we are excited about having some time to ourselves for a few weekends. I plan on getting my house decorated for fall- think pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. We are also having a date night at Josephine's, where I plan on wearing that new fall dress to- paired with my favorite booties, of course. A new dress is just what I needed for our night out! 

What are your plans this weekend? I hope you get some rest and have a little fun! Thats what's on my agenda at least. Happy Friday!

Side note: Who watches the show Nashville, and did you see the season premiere last night?! Eeekk! Loved it- except for Rayna's choice. 
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