Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anniversary: Three Years

Today marks being married for three years to the most wonderful man I know. Chris and I met in college when we were freshmen, but didn't start dating until the end of our senior year. We hung out at different times during college, and I always had my eye on him (that doesn't sound creepy or anything).

I never knew that the cute, funny guy I met at the Pike house when we were 18 would be the man I would end up marrying. But I sure am glad it worked out that way. Here are a few pictures from our special day. Thanks for sharing this trip down memory lane with me!

Chris is the most genuine, loving, and humble person. He knows how to make me laugh- even when I am "in one of my moods" (as he calls it). He gets me- even my OCD, controlling self. He listens when I have a new "project" in mind and goes along with it…like when I decided to rearrange the living room at 9:00 one night. He takes care of me and provides for me in every way possible. But most of all, he loves me..and he communicates that to me every day.

I feel so blessed to have married such a wonderful man, and I am so happy God picked him for me. In these three years we have shared our first apartment, bought our first home, marked several places off our travel list, added Louie to our family, and learned a lot about each other and marriage. 

To my one and only- here's to more late night movies in bed, afternoon walks, amazing vacations, living room dance parties, drinks on the deck, date nights, and morning snuggle time. Looking forward to many more anniversaries with you. XO 
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