Friday, December 5, 2014

Dear Santa

Christmas Wish List
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I don't know about your Santa, but mine needs a lot of guidance when it comes to holiday shopping. Us girls can be really picky and we want what we want, so I make it pretty simple for my Santa- with gift ideas being just a click away! 

I always give a list of several things I would like, and let him do the rest. He picks some of his favorites and they end up wrapped and under our tree. Now that's a good Santa! So here is my wish list for this Christmas, and it's already been sent to Santa's email. 

Some of my favorites are the sunglasses (we are leaving for a cruise the day after Christmas, so Santa..I really want those), pajamas (I can just see myself staying in those all weekend long and watching movies), the Spode Christmas pattern (which I want to start collecting), and the leopard pillow (my couch needs this!!).

What is on your wish list this year? I hope your holiday shopping is off to a good start. I plan on getting a lot done this weekend since we will be traveling for our anniversary trip next weekend and to MS the weekend after that! How are there only three more weekends until Christmas?! 

Enjoy your weekend & thanks for reading!
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