Tuesday, December 9, 2014


One of the things on my fall bucket list was to have fall family photos taken. I was a little late getting them booked, but we finally squeezed in a photo session in late November. Lindsey from Lindsey Grace Photography took them, and she was so great to work with! I couldn't be more pleased with the way they turned out- especially since it was 32 degrees outside (seriously), and we thought our hands were getting frost bite. We put on a smile (and a scarf on Louie) and had fun with it!

Chris and I haven't had profressional pictures taken since our wedding, so it was definitely time for some updated pics! Plus our new addition, Louie love, needed to be included in some pics for our Christmas card.

Side note: How cute does he look in his Christmas scarf? I die. You know I am going to have his picture framed all around my house. 

I also had her take some shots of me for blog purposes (Chris has tried to do this and gets tired after 2 snaps). Only 17 days left until Christmas morning! Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading.
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