Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

- a quiet night at home with a cozy fire and a glass of champagne -

- spending an unexpected SNOW DAY in front of the t.v. in my favorite slippers -

- finding the most unique plant in a glass at the flower market -

- extra cuddle time with my baby // another snow day bonus -

-the cutest little additions to my living room // ceramic elephant + a mint julep cup -

This week had an unexpected surprise- we got a SNOW DAY! I call it that, but really it was more of a "dusting of frost." In reality, school was cancelled because the back roads in the county were too icy for the buses. Either way- I'll take it! I was already up getting ready at 5:00 when I got the text. Crawling back into bed…best feeling ever

I spent my day off catching up on my favorite shows, like the Bachelor (side note: why is he keeping Ashley S. around?! She cray cray.) and Parenthood. I also did a little cleaning and got to go to the mid day yoga class instead of the late afternoon one- which I loved! Working out earlier in the day is so much better than having to convince yourself to go after a long day of work. If only it could be that way every day. Sigh. 

The snow day definitely helped that mid week slump that I usually get - I think four day work weeks should be a law. Who couldn't use a day off in the middle? Now I'm ready to relax and get things marked off my to-do list this weekend. I hope you have a great one! Happy Friday and thanks for reading! 
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