Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year + Resolutions

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So I realize I am a few days behind on this, but we just got back from a seven day cruise (!!), so I have been a little out of touch. I missed all the New Year / Resolutions blog posts, but since I had a lazy Sunday yesterday catching up on sleep + laundry, I spent some of that down time to go back and read all of my favorite blogs to see what everyone did for New Years and what resolutions everyone has made. 

Of course, this got me thinking about my own list and I want to do this year. I still can't believe 2014 has come and gone…crazy. But as for 2015- I'm ready to make some changes and get this year started with these top 5 resolutions/goals.

1) Join the church.

When Chris and I first moved to Nashville, we didn't have to visit many churches before we found the one we loved. We have been attending that same church now for 3 years, and have talked about joining for 3 years. Since we travel so much, there are many Sundays that we miss- and this makes us feel like we shouldn't join until we can become "regular attenders." Well this year is full of weekend travels just like any other- so I say no more making excuses! We love the preacher, the members, the services, the Sunday school class, and all of the mission work the church takes part in. I want us to be a part of that and be committed to a church family. 

2) Do more yoga.

I did yoga for the first time in October. I was nervous to try it (because I am the world's least flexible person), but I did and I loved it. I had a one month membership for unlimited visits, but only went a few times. After work, I always seemed to find some excuse not to go- like I need to clean…or I'm too tired..and the most famous one..I will go tomorrow. So I am joining the studio this month and making it a point to go at least 3 times a week.

3) Blog more / Get inspired.

I started this blog back in July because I wanted a place to share pictures, stories, travel experiences, home decor, recipes and all the things in between. I had been reading other blogs for years, and finally branched out to start my own. I quickly fell more in love with the blog world after making friends with other bloggers and seeing that people are actually interested in reading what I have to say/share (thanks to you!). But with all that being said…I want to do more with it. I feel like sometimes the posts are a little too blah. I hold back sharing some things because I am scared of what people will think. This year, I want to branch out by sharing more and getting creative with my posts, meeting new bloggers, participating in more collaborations and giveaways, and gaining new readers. 

4) Find a new hobby to enjoy with Chris.

Chris and I love to travel. That's our number one hobby together, and while I love that we have that in common, I am wanting us to find something else to do together. I think it would be fun for us to train for a marathon together, or buy bikes for us to take the trails on the weekends, or join some type of couples league in our community (like bowling or bocce), or sign up for a couples Bible study. Any other suggestions? I think spending time with your significant other is so important- so why not find something that you both enjoy and do it together! 

5) Get organized. 

I opened our guest bedroom closet when we got home from the cruise and nearly screamed. I am usually an organized person, but lately I have let stuff just "pile up." Our closets are a mess, the basement has stuff everywhere, and Chris's office area could use some cleaning out. I also need to organize our pictures on the computer and create a scrapbook for each of our vacations that I have been saying I would do for over a year now. Organization makes this OCD girl h-a-p-p-y. 

I hope you all had a fantastic New Years! Tell me - what are some of your resolutions and goals for this year? Thanks for reading and happy Monday (I am going to need several cups of coffee to get through this one since it's our first day back at school)! Let's do this 2015!
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