Monday, February 23, 2015


Over Valentine's Day weekend, we went to Aspen for my father-in-law's wedding. He got remarried to a wonderful woman, and it was so great spending time with the fam and meeting her family. Chris's family lives all over, so it was a lot of fun having everyone all together!

They rented the most adorable place - The Little Red Ski Haus - for all us to stay in for the weekend. With both families, it's quite the crowd -- so we needed a place that could accommodate everyone. It was perfect - roomy, comfy, and within walking distance of everything in Aspen.

On Saturday, Chris and I hit the slopes for some skiing. I don't have the best background in skiing, but I am happy to report that by the end of the day I was racing down those slopes like nobody's business. HA! I loved it. I was hesitant about going just for the day (because I had to do ski school - P.S. I graduated), but I'm so glad I did. I definitely see Chris and me going back one day for a full on ski trip. Also on Saturday, my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend - and she said YES - good day all around!

Sunday we all had brunch and walked around downtown Aspen. It is the cutest little town. From the shops, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants… this blogger was in Heaven. I may have had my camera out all day being the typical "tourist," but I don't care. I couldn't help but get a shot of just about every little corner in the town.

The wedding was on Sunday night, and it was a simple, beautiful ceremony. I'm so happy my father-in-law has found someone to share his life with as he enjoys his retirement with fun and travel. It was such a great weekend in Aspen, and I hope we are able to go back one day for an extended stay. Now that I can ski, I'm all about the slopes and cute little ski towns. Have you ever been skiing? If so, where? Thanks for reading!