Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

- getting Valentine's Day ready -

- Louie napping (read below as to why this was precious time for me) -

- new goodies /  Pink Twist Necklace and J. Crew Calf Hair iPhone Case -

- finally getting our artwork from Italy framed and hung -

All I can say is TGIF. This has been a week. Chris has been out of town for business, and I gotta tell ya…taking care of the dog by yourself is NOT easy. I know what you're thinking- really,'s a dog. But seriously….

Did he want me to carry him around all night when I was doing laundry and cooking? Yes. Did he wake me up in the middle of the night multiple times because he wanted to lay on my pillow? Yes. Did I have to wake up extra early in the morning to make sure he had enough time to do his business  (which he loves to take his precious time doing) before I went to work? Yes. Did he want to play ALL night from being alone all day? Yes. 

I AM WORN OUT. My dog thinks he is a human. And yes, I totally take the blame. He did take a nap one afternoon (pictured above), which reminded me of how much I love him - his sleep cuteness totally kills me

Needless to say, I was so happy to see Chris walk through the door last night. This girl is over having to hold the house down by herself. Not to mention that it was a busy work week too - with a lot of grading to get done for progress reports, meetings after school, and teaching fractions to third graders. I always need a major happy hour after those lessons. 

I'm so happy for the weekend, especially since we are heading to my hometown to visit my best friend and her precious baby! She had him a few weeks ago, and I'm dying to meet him (!!). What are your plans this weekend? Thanks so much for reading!
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