Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

A lazy afternoon with Louie - Because with NO cable or internet (true story), what else is there to do but sleep?

Trying out the summer sampler package from Sephora - the Shrinking Beauty is MY BEST FRIEND.

The cutest little milk bottles you ever did see 

Abita Strawberry beer is back in town - HELLO SPRING!

Snail mail from Chelsea - who else thinks it's awesome to get handwritten letters?!

So this week has been interesting. We got home from Memphis on Sunday to find that our cable and internet was completely out - like NOT WORKING AT ALL. We called them and of course, they couldn't get to us until WEDNESDAY (seriously?). I might have had a mild panic attack. My first thought was - how am I going to watch the Bachelor tomorrow night?!? Second thought - what am I going to do by myself all week!?! Third thought - how am I going to blog?!

After the realization that the world is not ending because you don't have cable or internet, I pulled myself together and came up with a game plan. On Monday night I went to my friend's house to watch the Bachelor finale (two bachelorettes…what???), and on Tuesday I headed to the coffee shop to highjack their internet. Report cards went home this week, so I desperately needed the internet to finish putting grades in. I felt like I was in college again - when my friends and I would spend hours at the coffee shop "studying" or doing lesson plans for our student teaching. Oh how I miss those days. 

By Wednesday afternoon, the cable and internet was back on - which is a good thing, because with Chris being out of town all week, I definitely needed to hear some noise in the house. The silence was getting to me. I love Louie, and I talk to him like he understands every word, but he never responds. That can get old. 

So how was your week? I sure hope you had cable and internet. We have a low key weekend planned (dinner date and Saturday cleaning), but I couldn't be more excited. We had a blast in Memphis last weekend with our friends - wined and dined + stayed up late - so it will be good to do a little relaxin' this weekend. What are your plans? Thanks for reading and happy Friday! 
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