Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

"Just Because" flowers from my person - I love that man!

A fabulous necklace from BaubleBar that I plan on wearing all spring long

Discovering Vanilla Latte K Cups at Publix - side note: That pic of Louie was taken on his first night home with us and he only weighed 3 lbs. - I mean, cutest. thing. ever.  

The prettiest dish ever made - sharing the recipe next week!

Louie being so excited about warmer weather (or maybe just the squirrels coming out) that he can't stop staring out the window and whining to go outside - I feel ya, Louie 

I don't know if its been warm where you are, but we had a pretty warm week here in Nashville, and it was fantabulous. I got a taste of spring, and now I'm ready to dive right in. 

This weekend we plan on getting some yard work done because right now it's still struggling from the winter blues. Not to mention, an unnamed someone still has bags of leaves sitting in the yard, and if he doesn't get rid of them soon, World War III might break out at the White home. 

Why does it take guys so much longer to get projects done?! I just don't understand. Get moving already. I shouldn't complain too much, the man does buy me flowers for no reason. So I guess I will keep him.

Nothing screams spring more than getting out in the yard and planting some pretty blooms, so I'm excited to get down and dirty this weekend! What are your plans? Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
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