Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

The most relaxing bubble bath ever after a busy day of teaching and trainings 

Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Pasta 
The perfect his and her pasta- diet friendly for her, buffalo chicken for him

A worn out Louie after an afternoon run - this weather has us all kinds of happy 

Roses and a poem - the sweetest gifts from my two of my students 

Spring blooms in the kitchen window 

This week has definitely been a busy one, so I am so happy to welcome the weekend and SPRING BREAK! We are headed to NYC with some great friends of ours for a little getaway. We are leaving right when I get out of school today and staying until Tuesday. 

I'm so excited to explore NYC. I've been once (when I was in high school) with my family, so it will be fun to see the city in a more adult frame of mind - and by that I mean cocktails and good food. I've got my bags packed, to do lists made, and camera charged. NYC here I come! 

I will be a little silent here on the blog for the first part of next week, as I will be out and about soaking up the city, but will be back blogging at the end of next week. So until then - take care my friends and enjoy your weekend!! Thanks for stopping by. 
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