Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Blog?

Blogging has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. I started a few years ago - when I got engaged - because I wanted to write and share about our engagement, wedding planning, and my move to Nashville. I loved blogging then, but I wasn't committed. Life happened (or better yet..wedding planning) and I just…stopped. I didn't know a lot about blogging, and I always felt insecure after reading other blogs. The posts and pictures were always so good...so lively. I eventually lost the passion to write and share, and that was that.

But I never stopped reading other blogs. I loved taking the time each day to read what was going on in the lives of my favorite bloggers. They inspired me in so many ways. Some inspired with new recipes or fitness tips, some with home decor ideas, and others with fashion. I never really left the blogging world.

Fast forward to 2014 - I started getting the urge to blog again. There was something telling me that it would be fun to have a place to share photos, recipes, my travel experiences, and all the moments worth remembering. I was scared to jump back in, for fear of "not being good enough," but I finally realized that my blog doesn't have to be good enough for anyone but me. This time I wanted to be committed, learn more, and enjoy the journey of where my blog would take me.

I started blogging here in June of 2014, and since then a lot of people have asked… Why do you blog? It's a question that I've been reflecting on for some time now. I've always answered with the typical answer - "Because I like to write and to share things I love." That is true. But I want to explain more about why I blog, and why I love it.

So here are 5 reasons why I think blogging is awesome:

1. It makes you notice and capture things differently - I might be the crazy lady with her camera at ALL TIMES, but I never want to miss the opportunity to capture something that is beautiful, special, or makes me smile. Blogging has made me stop and notice all the small, cheerful things in life - like the pretty bouquets of flowers at the grocery store, the cute design floating at the top of my latte, or the beauty of the leaves on a fall walk. I know that must sound cheesy, but once you start photographing these things, you can't help but have appreciation for it all. People have mixed feelings about sharing photos of food, coffee, flowers, etc. on blogs or social media (like instagram) but my philosophy is - if it makes you smile and feel happy, SHARE IT. Why not?!

2. It helps you realize your strengths and develop new skills - I never knew photography would be something I would be interested in. I still have a lot to learn about it, and by no means am I as a good as I would like to be, but I'm learning, and that's what matters to me most. When people compliment my pictures, it makes me happy, and it tells me that I am getting better at something I am interested in - which is always a good feeling. No, I don't want to become a "real" photographer one day, but I do want to be good at capturing pictures - not just for this blog, but for all those special moments in my/family life.

3. It could become the hobby or passion you've been looking for - I think having a hobby/passion is very important. Hobbies were always easy to find in high school and college - clubs, sports, Greek life, etc. But after college, I found myself itching for a hobby. I wanted to have a passion for something. Of course, I have the typical hobbies - traveling, reading, cooking, but I wanted something that I could pour my whole heart into it. Blogging is it. Not only is something of my own, but it helps me expand those typical hobbies. Now I use those - traveling, cooking, etc.- to showcase on this blog, and it truly has become a passion that I love.

4. It's therapeutic - I love to write. I write down everything - my to-do lists, grocery lists, prayers, favorite quotes, and favorite Bible verses. So naturally, I love writing on this blog. I love having somewhere to write down what's going on in my life (good or bad), and I love having this space to share my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. Blogging is all about having an outlet - a little space all for you. I love having this little corner on the internet just for me. It helps me process my thoughts, share what I'm feeling, and how my day/week/month went. I love being able to reflect on things. It's like my therapy - seriously!

5. It has an awesome community - This is probably my favorite thing about blogging. When I first started, I had NO IDEA that I could or would meet so many awesome people through this blog. I've connected with some awesome bloggers through link-ups and giveaways. I've had businesses contact me for collaborations because they think their products relate to my blog and personality- and that is a great feeling. To know that what you wrote or shared spoke to someone in some way makes it all worthwhile. More importantly, I cannot tell you how much I have reached out to other bloggers for advice on different things going on in my life - because I saw on their blog that they were going through a similar situation. And just recently, I got a handwritten letter in the mail from a fellow blogger, and it was such a nice pick-me-up at the end of my work day. I'm tellin' ya - there is power in the blogging community, and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

So there it is - why I blog! I'm also asked a lot about how I have time for it, and I think if you love doing something - you make time for it. Am I the best blogger ever who has a post and something to say every single day? No. And I'm ok with that. Sometimes I get home from work, and after teaching 20 third graders all day, the last thing I want to do is think, or sometimes I'm just not feeling inspired. So I don't blog. Other days, I am itching to write and share, so I make it happen. It's all about what works for you.

Why do you blog? Or if you are just a reader, why do you read blogs? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks so much for stopping by!
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