Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites

The cutest tassel bracelet from Accessory Concierge

Testing treats for my 3rd graders - and hallelujah for another year of testing in the books

Celebrating the hubby's 28th birthday - who else loves a cookie cake from Publix?! 

Adding new records to our collection 

A yummy shrimp dish made with fresh tomatoes and zucchini from the farmer's market 

Welcome to the weekend, friends! I am super pumped about this one because I will be doing NOTHING, and it feels oh so good. We have been going non stop lately, so a weekend with literally no plans makes me one happy girl. Well, I take that back - I do plan on taking a nice, long bubble bath tonight. The kind with candles, spa music, and a glass of wine. Pure heaven on earth. 

Chris headed out to Vegas this morning for a bachelor party - yikes. Praying he doesn't bet all our money away (insert monkey emoticon with his his eyes covered here). He will come in on Sunday feeling like death. Too bad for him - because I am going to be well rested from a weekend of nothing. Did I mention how excited I am about it? Hope you have a great weekend - what are your plans? Thanks for stopping by!
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