Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beauty Counter

I'm so excited to share with you a line of beauty products today that I have completely fallen in love with. Beauty Counter is a line of safe skincare and their mission is to "Get safe products in the hands of everyone." They sell everything from cleansing items to oils and sunscreen, and even have a makeup line.

My friend, Ashley, is a consultant for Beauty Counter and a few months ago she asked me to try out her basket of products. She wanted to see what I thought, and if I liked them, to write a post and share with all of my readers. Well, I LOVED the products, and I'm so happy to be making the switch to Beauty Counter.

I've never really thought about how the things we are putting on our bodies can be unsafe until I read more about Beauty Counter and their story. The founder is a wife and mom who learned that companies are allowed to use unknown toxins in their products without telling us. The ingredients these companies use can be linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruption - scary!

I tried out an assortment of different products for a few weeks, and I immediately knew that I wanted to make the switch to their cleansing routine. I loved how smooth the Routine Cream Cleanser made my skin feel, and the Exfoliator Polishing Cream is great to use a few times a week to exfoliate your skin. Another favorite is the Everyday AM Hydrating Cream. I started out with these three basics to cover my cleansing routine.

The Nourishing Cleansing Balm is a great splurge item that you won't regret. It melts into your skin and can double as an overnight face masque for extra hydration. LOVE. These are a few of my favorite items, but they even offer so much more. I really liked their makeup line as well, and plan on making the switch as I run out of my old makeup and need new items.

I hope you will check out some of their products. I am hosting a Beauty Counter party next week to introduce it to several of my friends, and I wanted to introduce it to my wonderful readers as well! I've never had a set cleansing routine, so I am very happy to finally have one I love and trust. Have you ever heard of Beauty Counter, or used it? If so, let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by.
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