Monday, June 29, 2015

DIY Vintage Centerpiece

I came across this vintage RC cola crate at Cool Stuff Weird Things - a unique vintage shop across the street from us and wanted to use it somehow in my house. I already had old milk bottles at home and thought they would pair well with the crate look. 

I needed something on our dining room table, so I came up with this DIY centerpiece using the crate, milk bottles, wine bottles, candles, and a mix of flowers and greenery. I love how it turned out and how you can change it up every now and then by switching the flowers around. 

I plan on using sunflowers in the milk bottles next - to get that pretty summer look with a pop of color in our dining room. The wine bottles in the center are saved from special events, so I love how that adds a sentimental side to the centerpiece. 

I'm loving the rustic, vintage look it brought to our dining room! What are your thoughts? Thanks for stopping by and you can create the look by shopping the links below! 

DIY Vintage Centerpiece: Pillar Candles  | Milk Bottles | Vintage Cola Crate
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