Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Time at the beach with this fabulous family of mine 

Toes in the sand

Cold beer in my hand

Beach sunsets with my babe

Love for family and vacations 

So I had a mild heart attack at the beach this week because there was a SHARK, yes I repeat..a SHARK in the water!! I've heard stories of people seeing sharks close to shore, but did I ever think I would see one? Ummmmm, NO.

I've never been one to swim far out in the ocean or spend a lot of time in the water, but now I'm definitely not. This shark was no joke - at least 6 ft. long and right on shore. People had to evacuate the water for a while, but once the shark was out of sight, they got back in! CRAZY I tell you. 

If you follow me on SnapChat (annaleewhite), then this may all be a repeat for you because I couldn't get over these crazy people who were just hanging out in the water after a shark sighting. My family members are included in the group of these crazies! So I, of course, snapped these happenings out. 

I sat my happy butt in my beach chair and only went in the water to cool off for 5 seconds and only to where the water touched my knees. Clearly I'm the only one with any sense in my family. Other than the almost shark attack, our week was pretty uneventful - long days in the sun followed by yummy dinners and game night. Just how I like it. 

Have you ever seen a shark in the water near you?! I hope not, because if you have then I'm going to believe that sharks are everywhere and I'm never getting in the ocean again. Thanks for reading!
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