Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On the Rocks

While we were in Jumby Bay this summer, we requested to have a picnic lunch on the island's private beach. This beach is on the other side of the island, and people go there to get away from the typical beach scene, and have a little quiet time.

We did just that - enjoyed some privacy and a yummy lunch prepared by one of the resort's chefs. We snapped some pics on the rocks, and I wanted to share because I've gotten lots of questions about this fringe wrap seen in several of our vacation pics.

I LOVE this wrap because it can be worn four ways. I loved tying it around my waist while on the beach and wearing it tied around the front as a cover up. When the temps cool down, I plan on styling it as a light shawl or scarf. I love any item that can be worn multiple ways - more bang for your buck!

I already feel overwhelmed from our first teacher meetings yesterday. There are a lot of changes this year - I'm in a new grade, with new state standards, and a new state assessment.. AHH!! Change is good, but definitely overwhelming. These pictures REALLY make me want to be back on the beach having a picnic with my babe…..without a worry in the world. Thanks for reading! 
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