Thursday, December 17, 2015

4 Years: 4 Memories

Today Chris and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. It is so hard to believe that we have been married for 4 years already - time flies!

In the past four years, we have created some great memories - so in honor of today's celebration,  I wanted to reflect on our four favorite memories.

Chris's four favorite memories:

1. The hot honeymoon bath - While we were on our honeymoon, one of the services included the butler preparing a bath for the couple at a certain time every evening - with candles, champagne, the whole shebang. On night one we were so excited to come in from the beach to enjoy a romantic, relaxing bath before getting ready for dinner (trying to be those cute newlyweds); but it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was the hottest, most uncomfortable bath ever - with us standing up, panting and sweating...trying so hard to make it romantic. Now it is something we laugh about -trying to forget the awkwardness.

2. Anna getting a job - Chris moved to Nashville right after college, but I didn't move until we were engaged. I had already been teaching in MS for two years, but did not get a job right away when I moved to Nashville. The first year without a job was really on hard me - because I missed teaching and didn't feel like I had a place here in Nashville. When I finally got a job at David Youree (where I still work), we went out for a celebratory dinner. Chris remembers the feeling of finally feeling settled and it being a turning point of our life together in Nashville finally coming together.

3. Our scenic trip down Highway 1 in California - On our second trip to California, we decided to go a few days early to stay in Sonoma and then rent a jeep and take the scenic route down Highway 1 to visit his brother and family in L.A. for the remainder of the trip. Chris remembers how much fun we had cruising with the top down, stopping along the way to admire the views. He also remembers stopping to stay the night in Monterey Bay and how much fun we had walking around the city that night and the amazing steak and lobster meal we feasted on. Oh, and the wine that trip was obviously another highlight.

4. The late night World Cup match in Venice, Italy - While we were in Italy, the U.S. was playing Ghana in the World Cup. Chris was determined to watch it - the only problem was that it came on at midnight, Venice time. After dinner we decided to stay up and watch a little of the game, and our waiter directed us to an area of town where it would be showing in one of the squares. Turns out this was a major party area, and we ended up pulling an all nighter - watching the whole game at a little bar in Venice with a lot of locals and a lot of beer. Chris remembers walking back to our hotel at 3 a.m. and how quiet the whole city was (no cars or traffic noise) -  so we sang the "Star Spangled Banner" the whole way back.

Anna's four favorite memories:

1. Our broke Valentine's Day - When we first got married, we were B.R.O.K.E. (refer to Chris's #2 above..I didn't have a job!). So on our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, we stayed home and cooked pizzas (that were heart shaped, of course). I served those pizzas on our china with a cheap bottle of wine. After the movie, we lit a fire in the living room, made a pallet on the floor, and watched movies all night. It's been our best Valentine's Day yet.

2. Our (first) California vacation -
We got married in December, and the summer following that we took our first vacation to California to see Chris's brother for a few days in L.A. and then rented a car and drove up to Los Olivos and Solvang. It wasn't a fancy vacation, and it was only a few days, but it was the first trip that we planned together and paid for as a married couple. It was special and it is a vacation that will forever be one of my favorites.

3. The Christmas tree lights disaster -
If you follow me on IG, then you know that we get a real Christmas tree every year because it is something that Chris insisted on when we got married. It is now one of my favorite holiday traditions of ours but was a disaster our first year. We got the tree with no problems, but putting the lights on is another story. We spent hours trying to prefect the lights, and when we got halfway up the tree they all went out. Frustrated, but trying to stay in the holiday spirit, we started over. Halfway through, it happened again. And again. The holiday spirit was out the door and we gave up. We went and bought more lights, and a few days later Chris took off work to get this beloved tree lit. He called me at work threatening to throw the tree out the window because it happened again..with new lights! Google solved the problem instantly when I typed the question, "why do the Christmas lights keep going out?" and the response was…you need more than one power source. We have never felt more dumb, but the good news is that we finally got our first tree lit…two hours before I  hosted my first Christmas party.

4. The boiling eggs that exploded -
When we decided to buy a house in Nashville, the market was booming. Houses were selling within 24 hours and would have several offers on them - making it very hard to buy. We had been looking for a few months and were getting a little impatient. One morning, as I was boiling eggs for breakfast, I got a notification about a house for sale. I loved the pictures I saw online, so we left the house immediately (in our PJ's) to ride by it to see if we liked the area it was in so that we could set up a time to see it that day…seriously, houses were going that quick. We rode by it, loved it, and set up a viewing time with our realtor for that afternoon. We were so excited because we knew it could be the one, but our excitement level was soon brought down when we walked back into our apartment, which was full of smoke and had a full on egg explosion in the kitchen. I had left the eggs boiling in the mad rush of leaving to see the house. We were cleaning up egg remains until we moved out.. to the house we looked at that day - our cute little home on Park Avenue (hence the blog name).

We had so much fun reflecting on these memories while I typed this post. Four years - four memories..and many more to come!

We are celebrating our anniversary tonight with a yummy dinner at Husk, and then heading out tomorrow to spend the weekend in a cozy cabin in Asheville, NC.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!