Monday, February 1, 2016

Be My Valentine

Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Happy Monday! More importantly, happy love month! It's the first day of February, so Valentines Day is officially on my mind. I've rounded up some great gift options for Valentines Day, and all of these are reasonably priced and would be great to either receive or give - I think the Fries Before Guys Mug is the perfect gift for a friend. Love it!

Chris and I usually don't exchange gifts - we go out for a nice dinner date instead. We do exchange cards, so I love finding unique cards to give each year - like this one. But if I were receiving a gift this year, I always love a good pair of pajamas (the set above is now sold out, so I linked a similar pair), a nice candle, or a new bottle of my favorite perfume.

And can we talk about those tennis shoes? So cute and the perfect pair for spring! Speaking of, did you have awesome spring weather this past weekend where you live?! We had beautiful "spring" days on Saturday and Sunday, and it was a nice tease for the middle of winter. It's so crazy to me that we had a major snow day with over 8 inches of snow, and a week later I'm sitting on my back patio in a tank top soaking up the sun!

Do you and your honey exchange gifts? I know every couple is different, so I would love to hear how you celebrate love day! I hope you have a great Monday, thanks for stopping by!
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