Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

- The sweetest (and cutest) Valentine card from Chris that inspired this post -

- A rainy afternoon with magazines and a fur blanket -

- Obsessing over Olive Oil flavors at J. Olive in Oxford, MS (did I buy too many? Nah.) -

- The cutest Valentine's Day mug from one of my 4th grade students -

- An evening walk after the rain and the cutest white picket fence on our street -

How has your week been, friends? It's been a low key one around here - with the usual work and blog grind! Chris left town on Wednesday afternoon for a bachelor party in Colorado. He will be skiing and hanging out with friends for 5 days while I work and clean the house this weekend. I'm not jealous.

Although I am going to miss him being around this weekend, I am excited to have the house to myself - which means listening to Adele on repeat, a lot of wine, bubble baths, and a little cleaning here and there. I do plan on attempting to clean out my closet. This has been a never ending project, so the key word there is attempt. What are your weekend plans? Enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!
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