Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

- Celebrating Louie's birthday on Wednesday (with a slightly cracked cake - ha, whoops) -

- An evening to myself with bubbles and wine -

- Afternoon work + plus afternoon light -

- Reading up on Whole30 and doing some meal planning with my new planner -

- Blooms in the bathroom -

So Chris came home from a meeting this week with a broker who told him all about Whole30 and how he now wants to try it - I listened, of course, and became pretty interested myself. I have read blogs about it before, but never thought about really doing it because of two reasons: 1. You can't have wine and 2. You can't have wine. I love the idea of doing a nutritional reset for my body, learning how to cook without added sugars (etc.), but never loved the idea of not being able to have my beloved glass of red on a Friday night.

Then I realized that I was letting one thing dictate my reasoning for not doing a program that would benefit me and my body for years to come. I have heard stories of how doing the Whole30 has helped with migraines (which I get at least once a week), infertility (my story), sleeping (just ask Chris, my nights are restless), thyroid problems (I take medicine once a day for that), and so on and so on. The bottom line is, I decided to throw the wine out the window and give this program a shot so I can just feel better.

So Chris and I are starting tomorrow - and we aren't doing it to necessarily "lose weight" (although I wouldn't mind that one bit), but more so to get healthy, see if what we are eating could be causing some of our health problems, and learn how to cook and see food differently. I've been reading the book - that I immediately ordered after Chris came home talking about it (can I get a hallelujah for Amazon Prime) - and I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's going to be hard. If you see me out and I'm whining - it's because I haven't had wine in 30 days. Without wine, I whine. 

Have you ever done Whole30 or considered it? I would love every and any tips I can get!! We are doing our big kitchen clean out tonight and heading to the grocery - help me! What are your plans this weekend - obviously, I'll be cooking. Thanks for stopping by!
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