Monday, February 15, 2016

His & Her - What We Love Most

Happy Monday, and happy post Valentine's Day! To be honest, this post is kind of last minute, because I got the idea late last night when I opened my card from Chris and he had listed 10 things he loves most about me. I was so touched, and in return wanted to share 10 things that I love most about  him - enter the blog! You might be thinking, enough with the Valentine's Day posts, Anna (HA!) - I promise this is the last one. :)

You may have seen on my Instagram or Snapchat (annaleewhite) that we were in Oxford, MS this past weekend to see my family (fun fact: this is our college town where we met and started dating). We got in really late last night (about 9:00) from traveling, but still wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day together - so we decided to just make it a late one and stay up to cook dinner together.

The night couldn't have turned out more perfect - we made Chocolate Balsamic covered steaks (yes, chocolate!) with a strawberry kale salad, put on a record, and opened up one of our best bottles of wine. And even though we were eating dinner around 10:30 p.m., it was romantic and the best way to end the weekend!

What I love most about Chris:

1. His collective knowledge - he knows a little bit about everything and is always educating me in some kind of way.

2. His legs.

3. That he loves to travel and has taken me to the most romantic places.

4. His positive mindset.

5. What an awesome dad he is going to be one day.

6. His work ethic.

7. His curly morning hair.

8. His ability to talk to anyone.

9. His leadership in our home - from decision making to money budgeting to leading the blessing before dinner.

10. The way he supports and encourages me when I set my mind to something.

What I love most about Anna:

1. Her dimples.

2. That excited feeling she gets right before she eats.

3. Her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Her Christian faith.

5. Her family.

6. The way she acts goofy with my on road trips.

7. Her cooking.

8. That "Anna" smell, especially in the mornings.

9. Her favorite thing on Friday nights is getting into bed with clean sheets.

10. How incredible of a mom that she will be one day.

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope it was filled with lots of love! I'm off today for Presidents Day, so I'm catching up on laundry and have a grocery run to make. Thanks for stopping by!
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