Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

- Fruit as the dining room centerpiece -

- The prettiest "garden bouquet" from Trader Joe's -

- Finding this note in my teacher mailbox from a student secret admirer :) -

- A day off that left me feeling refreshed and rested with a clean house -

- Surviving our first week of the Whole30 -

We made it, friends - Happy Friday! The polls were open here in Tennessee for Super Tuesday, so school was out, and I spent the day cleaning, getting caught up on some blog emails, and of course got out to vote. Having Tuesday off definitely made the week go by a little quicker. How was your week?

You may have read last week that Chris and I started Whole30, and since I have had a few people ask me how it's going and what I think so far, I wanted to give you a quick update. First things first, we are not doing this program to necessarily lose weight, more so for a lifestyle change and more specifically (for me), to see if any of the food I am eating is tied to some of my health issues.

So far, we love the program!! We feel great, we are sleeping better (especially me), and we haven't had any major cravings. You're not supposed to weigh yourself while doing the program (to avoid getting discouraged), but I am participating in a "Biggest Loser" contest at work and have to weigh in every week - so I do see my weight. I lost three pounds this week! Again, I'm not doing it just for the weight loss, but that's definitely a bonus!

The hardest thing about the program so far is the preparation. You have to plan everything in advance, down to what you'll order if you go out to eat, and this usually includes asking the server what different things are cooked in. Chris struggles with this more since he is always out and about on lunch meetings, etc. I meal prepped for the whole week since I pack my lunch every day for work #teacherlife. We really didn't have to change many of our eating habits because we were already getting healthy meals at home for the most part. 

I plan on doing a full post on the program when I am done, but wanted share my thoughts so far for those who are interested! If you have ever done Whole30, I would love to hear your thoughts on it and/or any recipes you have to share! I'll be sharing some along the way too (that are delicious and easy even if you never see yourself doing Whole30). 

We are going to Cantina Laredo tonight for a casual date night and going to see the movie Risen afterwards - so excited to see it! Tomorrow will consist of yard work and grilling hamburgers. What are your weekend plans? Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
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