Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

- Adding this beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree to an empty corner in the living room -

- Afternoon quiet time + a cup of tea -

- Finally getting string lights hung in our backyard (insert praise hands here) -

- The cutest little thing I ever did see -

- Colorful prepped lunches for the week -

Happy Friday, friends! I'm not going to lie, this week has kind of been a tough one. We faced another negative pregnancy test and were devastated to find out that our third IUI was not successful. Tuesday's post couldn't have come at a better time - I had been working on writing it for a few weeks but planned on publishing it this week. I took that dreaded test on Monday night, and finishing up that post to publish for Let's Talk Tuesday was just what I needed to help me push through. I followed my own advice and tried to focus on things this week that make me happy. BTW - thank you all so much for reaching out to me after Tuesday's post! I feel so loved and uplifted after hearing all of your words of encouragement - y'all rock!!

So let's move on to the happy stuff - starting with that beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. UM, I'm obsessed. I have a bare, empty corner in my living room that I always knew needed something, so insert Pinterest for some inspiration. I have been seeing these plants all over my feed lately, so I hunted one down in Nashville. It seriously brings our living room to life! Now, let's just hope I can keep it alive…. (!!) I just have to mention sweet Louie - is he not the cutest thing all curled up?! I enjoyed some much needed snuggling with my baby on a lazy, rainy afternoon, and for that hour or so, all felt right in the world. I'm also loving the string lights that we FINALLY got hung across the deck area in our backyard. We are getting ready to host a couples shower for my brother-in-law and his future bride in April, so we are working hard to get our backyard looking topnotch! After working all day in the yard Saturday, we spent the night under the lights and grilling hamburgers. Perfection.

Speaking of food, we are still going strong on Whole30! Honestly, it really hasn't been that hard. I mean, I do miss a few things (aka wine), but I'm not like….miserable. The hardest thing is all the prep for sure. We eat good meals that are satisfying and yummy - so all in all, I'm enjoying it and definitely feel better. Just wanted to give y'all a quick little update for those who are interested in the program! We are headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate with some friends at a shower for their upcoming wedding (that will be the true test for Whole30 - ha!). What are your plans? Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!
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