Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

- A sunset walk + spring trees lining the neighborhood -

- The cutest mini box of chocolates from my principal to celebrate the start of Spring Break -

- Packing for our getaway to NYC -

- The sweetest Easter gift from my mom that I'll always cherish; a cutting board with handwritten recipes from her and grandmothers -

- Flowers in the guest bedroom to welcome my parents -

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because we are currently in route to NYC for a Spring Break getaway!! I am so excited to eat some yummy food, explore the city, and spend some quality time with my man. I will be checking out for a few days so that I can soak up every minute we have in the Big Apple but will be back towards the end of next week with some great content to share with you guys! In the meantime, follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (@annaleewhite) to see more of our trip and daily shenanigans! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend - thanks for stopping by! 
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