Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guest Bathroom Essentials

When we bought our house, I decided to take it room by room when it came to decorating so that I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. Although I'm still working on many areas of our house (we won't talk about the back bedroom that is still considered our storage room)  - it finally feels like it is all coming together. 

Two rooms that I started working on right away were the guest bedroom and bathroom because they are (obviously) where guests spend most of their time. I wanted both rooms to be welcoming, relaxing, and cozy. There were ten things that I kept in mind while decorating and "putting together" the guest bathroom - these essentials ensure that your guests will always be comfortable while staying in your home!

1. Relaxing Color - First things first, paint your bathroom a relaxing color! When we bought the house, this bathroom was lime green. Yes, lime green. I got anxious every time I went in there. Bright colors are not relaxing for the mind - make your bathrooms a place where people can unwind, relax, and feel refreshed. I painted ours in Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments (pictured above).

2. Fresh Flowers - I love keeping fresh flowers around the house - especially in the bathrooms. There is something so joyful about a morning routine that includes bright, cheerful flowers. I usually just put a few small buds on the sink - just a touch of brightness in the restroom. 

3. Magazines - I love how cozy a basket of magazines looks in a bathroom, plus you never know when your guest will need something interesting to read! :) We get so many magazines in the mail, and this basket is their home. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Nice Soap - Scents are obviously so important in a bathroom, and having a nice hand soap is a must. I either have a bottle of liquid soap or handmade bars of soap by the sink. My current obsession is Trader Joe's French Liquid Soap - it smells so good!

5. Unique Artwork - Guests notice artwork, so give them something interesting to look at! I have two of my favorite pieces hanging in our guest bathroom - both of them were wedding gifts. My absolute favorite is the hearts showcasing maps of where Chris and I met, where we married, and where we live. My cousin made this for me when we got married, and I adore it! The other is our last name - with each letter photographed from different things. I love both of these framed pieces and the bathroom is just the place where they will get noticed. 

6. Extra Toiletries - Make sure to keep extra shampoos, conditioners, soaps, toothpaste, etc. around because those are the number one things guests are most likely to forget and will need while staying with you. I bought several boxes of travel size soaps from the dollar store and always collect travel size shampoo and conditioners from hotels to add to my glass jars in the guest bathroom cabinet. I also keep Q-tips and cotton rounds on hand just in case!

7. Nice towels - there is nothing more annoying than old, ratty towels. You want your guests to almost feel like they are at a hotel or spa while they are staying with you, so make sure the towels live up to that! My personal favorite are the Pottery Barn Classic Towels. Also, make sure they are in a spot where guests can easily find them. Our guest bathroom is small, with little cabinet space so I tried storing them in the linen closet in the hallway; guests could never find them, and it was always a hassle for them because sometimes they would get in the shower not realizing that the towels were in the hallway. So, I decided to keep them hanging on the back of the door! 

8. Candle and matches - I don't think this one needs an explanation! Just make sure you have these things available for your guests. :)

9. Medicines- This was something I recently added because the last time my parents were in town, my mom had a bad cough and my dad was asking for Ibuprofen one morning. So I decided instead of digging through all our medicines that we keep in our master bathroom for us, to keep the basics in the medicine cabinet above the sink for my guests.

10. "No ask" items - There is nothing more awkward than sitting down to use the restroom and seeing that there is no toilet paper and none to be found anywhere in the bathroom!! I always make sure there is extra toilet paper in the cabinet. I also keep a plunger and hair dryer in the cabinet for guests - just so they aren't having to ask for these items. Save your guests the embarrassment and keep these no ask items in reach of them. 

Now, who wants to come stay with me?! The guest bathroom is all ready for you - haha! We live pretty far from my family and many of our friends, so we have guests pretty often. I always want to make sure they have a nice stay with us! What are your must haves for the bathroom and how do you prepare for guests? Thanks so much for stopping by!
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