Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let's Talk Tuesday: Spring To-Do List

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It's the first day of March, the weather has been beautiful with sunshine and 70 degree weather, so there is one thing on my mind - SPRING! I am a list maker and goal setter by nature, so for today's Let's Talk Tuesday, I want to talk all things spring and share my to-do list for this lively season.

Spring brings life, and after the dead of winter, I look forward to that. I love brushing off our deck furniture for nights of grilling, getting my bike out of the shed for rides around the neighborhood, packing up those big winter coats for spring dresses, and embracing the season with open arms - I am always over the cold weather by middle of March. 

This year hasn't been a terribly cold winter, and we are seeing warmer days sooner than usual, but who knows if that's around to stay! Living in the South, you can have snow, sun, and tornados all in one week. I'm hoping the warm sunshine and pretty days will stick around; nevertheless, spring is coming, and that means I need to make my to-do list! 

1. Clean out the basement.

2. Ride my bike more often.

3. Have a picnic in the park.

4. Plant flowers in the backyard.

5. Finish decorating the deck.

6. Go to a Sounds baseball game.

7. Start running again.

9. Go hiking at Cummins Falls.

10. Plant an herb garden.

Do you make to-do lists or goal lists? They help me stay focused on things I really want to do or get done, before time passes me by so quickly. Spring is a wonderful season, and I want to make the best of it! What do you love most about Spring - let's talk! Thanks so much for stopping by.
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