Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let's Talk Tuesday: Spring Cleaning

Sunday marked the official start of spring, and although it was more like a Spring Sike, it did get me thinking about spring cleaning! Along with the usual - like cleaning the blinds, fans, etc., I usually try to focus on a few problem areas in the house that need some organizing. So today I wanted to talk about a few of those common problem areas that I decided to focus on this year and share some solutions that have helped me simplify spring cleaning! So let's talk -

1. Basement
The problem with our basement is that it is almost too big. I know, having too much storage should never be a problem, but because we have a lot of floor space in the basement, we tend to set everything just there - on the floor. We have Christmas wreaths on the floor, a Halloween skeleton under the stairs (which freaks me out every time I walk down there and can see those bones through the open stairs - eek!), along with baskets, boxes, old furniture - you name it, it's on our basement floor. My solution? Investing in shelving like this, along with storage bins like these and these to organize the mess that is my basement and have it all neatly placed on shelves, leaving the floor for larger items only.

2. Closet
The problem with my closet is that it is weirdly shaped, leaving little room to store things. Because our master bedroom was originally an attic, the ceiling of my closet has steep pitches with no room for shelves or extra room to install more hanging racks. My solution? Create extra hanging areas with this hanging shoe organizer and this hanging organizer for sweaters and jeans. I also bought these small shelves to help with storage since they are short and will fit under the pitches. I also bought these hangers, and I'm loving how they make my closet look so much more organized and put together because of the uniformity of the hangers.

3. Pantry
Does anyone else have major problems with keeping their pantry cleaned out and organized?! For some reason, the pantry is a place that I've never been able to keep clean and organized. The problem is that it is constantly being stocked full of items, but never cleaned out. I recently went through and checked all the dates on everything in the pantry, and threw it out if it was bad or if I hadn't touched it in months. I ordered bins like this and this to help me organize and group things together. Instead of having boxes of stuff, I separated things into airtight storage canisters to help get rid of all the boxes and bags that just make the pantry look junky. 

4. Bathroom
The problem with our bathroom is that it has little drawer space, and I have a lot to store. I was constantly shoving stuff into the small drawers, creating a big ole' mess and eventually causing the drawers to get too jammed. My solution? Drawer Organizers to store things neatly in place, larger bins to place under the sink for items like lotion and face wash bottles. I bought these drawers to store my make up in instead of throwing stuff into the small drawers - where it will just turn into a sea of makeup, and locating what I need is nearly impossible. I'm also loving the idea of a towel ladder for towel storage to help free up some space under the sink!

So there ya have it - my four problem areas and how I plan to organize them for spring cleaning this year! Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Any tips on how to make it go more smoothly? I try to take it room by room and focus on my major problem areas like above. Hopefully the weather will get its act together soon, and it will actually start to feel like spring! Happy Tuesday, friends - thanks for stopping by!
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