Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

- A spring evening spent on the deck with my three favorites: my man, my pup, and my wine -

- Keeping these alive for over three weeks! PS. I don't have the greenest thumb -

- A clean kitchen + afternoon light -

- New gold candlesticks on the mantle -

- A delicious Sunday brunch with my parents at Josephine's -

TGIF! We are officially in summer countdown mode at school - only 19 school days left! I honestly can't believe how fast this school year has gone by. I am so pumped for summer, but I will be sad to see my kids go. I absolutely adore this class!! I taught 3rd grade last year, and moved to 4th this year, so I have had these kids for two years - can't believe they will soon be 5th graders! This time of year is so much fun for all of us in the teaching world - doing fun activities, projects, and reflecting on the school year. But pretty soon I'll be sleeping in, watching the 10:00 hour with KLG & Hoda, and spending summer nights on our patio. I'm not mad about it. 

My parents are in town this week, but staying at Opryland Hotel for my dad's work convention. We have driven out there twice to see them and attend a few events with them - it's made for a long week, but I never pass up the chance to spend time with my parents. Those days are few and far between now that I live in Nashville. This is our last weekend at home for FIVE weekends in a row (whew!), so we are soaking up every minute with a burger date night tonight, relaxing at home tomorrow, and finally going to Rolf & Daughters (a Nashville restaurant that's been on our list for a while) Saturday night with some good friends of ours. What are your weekend plans? I hope it's a great one! Thanks for stopping by. 
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