Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 NYC Must Do's

Hello friends, and welcome to another Let's Talk Tuesday! As you know, we recently visited NYC (see other posts here and here), so for today's talk I wanted to round up and share a list of some things we did and what I believe are some NYC must do's. Visiting the Big Apple can be quite overwhelming because there is so much to do. Hopefully this list will help any of you who may be going to NYC in the future, or convince you to go if you were thinking about it. :) So let's talk -

1. Go to the Comedy Cellar -
We went to the Comedy Cellar our first night in NYC and it was so funny!! It's a line up of different comedians and you'll leave with your cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing so much - I promise! They offer a few different show times (we went to the 10:30 after a dinner date), and you can make reservations in advance. You don't have to pay in advance - you'll pay that night. I'm so glad I stumbled upon the site for it because it was such a fun experience! It's also in a pretty fun area if you're looking to stay out for a couple cocktails after a show.

2. Walk the Highline -
The Highline is something I saw on Pinterest when I was looking for different things to do in the city, and I'm so glad I found it because it was a cool experience a great free activity. We went just before sunset and it was beautiful! I also think it would be a great activity to start the day with, and it probably wouldn't be too crowed early in the morning. You can see pictures and read more about The Highline here.

3. See a Broadway Show -
I know this one is pretty much a given, but I wanted to share because it's obviously something you just have to do while in NYC. Even if you're not into music and theater at all, go at least once for the experience. We saw Phantom of the Opera last year and went to see Wicked this year. I loved them both (the music, dancing, acting and story lines are just incredible), but I will have to say that Wicked is my favorite. I promise, everyone can get into this story line and be entertained!

4. Stroll through Central Park -
You obviously have to see Central Park while in NYC - but instead of just going to see it, actually take the time to stroll (or ride in a horse and carriage) through the whole park. You'll get your exercise in and see some beautiful scenery and views of the city. Both times we have been to NYC, it's been early spring and chilly, but if it had been warmer I would have loved to have a picnic in the park in Sheep Meadow. You can see more attractions in the park here.

5. Go to Top of the Rock -
This is by far the best view of the city (I think) because you can see the Empire State Building and how it stands over the whole city. The picture above was taken from Top of the Rock. I suggest buying tickets in advance. We went first thing in the morning at 8:00, and it wasn't crowded at all! It was a great way to start the day - plus it was on a weekday, so we were able to stop by the plaza of the Today Show afterwards. If it is rainy, cloudy, or foggy the day you are scheduled to go, you can reschedule it for another day so that you will be able to see everything. You definitely want to go on a clear morning!

6. Go shopping in Soho -
I know 5th Avenue is known for the major shopping, but Soho shopping is so much better in my opinion. After all, it is the Fashion District of NYC. Our hotel was in Soho, so we spent a lot of time in this area. There are so many great shops and it is such charming place to walk around. You can never go wrong with shopping in NYC - just make sure to do some of it in Soho!

7. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset -
Ok, this is one thing we didn't get to (because it was really windy and rainy the day that I had planned for us to walk it), but I've read everywhere (and seen beautiful pictures) that this is just something you must do! I am so bummed we didn't get to walk it. I had planned for us to walk it around sunset - and once in Brooklyn, hang out in the Dumbo area for a few cocktails. It's definitely on my list for next time!

8. Spend an afternoon in Greenwich Village - 
This is by far my favorite area in the whole city. Of course, it's where Carrie Bradshaw and the gang from Friends lived, so it's no shocker that it's my fave. We spent a whole afternoon strolling the cobblestone streets, admiring the pretty town home stoops (see here), stopping by infamous Carrie Bradshaw stoop (64 Perry Street) and the Friends building (90 Bedford Street), and stopping for a sweet treat at Magnolia Bakery.

9.  Visit the Chelsea Market -
We loved walking through Chelsea Market - there are so many great shops, cafes, and restaurants! We tasted so many things, stopped for oysters and a cocktail, and did a little shopping. I definitely recommend going hungry, because you'll definitely want to stop and try different things. We bought a few souvenirs and enjoyed the afternoon just strolling and looking.

10. Stop at all the major NYC must eats -
Hands down, the best part about NYC is the food!! There are so many great eats in the city: Shake Shack for a tasty burger, Levain Bakery for the best cookie ever, Sarabeth's for an awesome brunch, Laduree for the prettiest macarons, Joe's Pizza for a tasty slice, Murray's Bagels for a toasty bagel, and The Spotted Pig for a fun gastro pub experience with great food. If there's one thing you should do in NYC - EAT!

Have you ever been to NYC? If so, I would love to hear of any activities you did or restaurants you ate at. The city has so much to offer, so I want to know if there is something else I need to put on my list. I love it so much, I know I will be back one day! I hope y'all are having a great week so far - I got back from an educator's conference last night and back at work today. Back to the grind it is! Thanks for stopping by!