Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let's Talk Tuesday: Blog Updates

Happy Tuesday, friends! For today's talk, I wanted to fill you in on some recent updates I've made around here! When I first started this blog, I focused mainly on posting recipes, travel, and life happenings. I never really set out to be a "fashion blogger" or "style blogger" so to speak. I never thought in a million years that anyone would be interested in my style and fashion finds, but I started getting questions about some of my outfits and have seen my following grow since I started doing more style posts. Since these type of posts are attracting more readers, I want to be of help to those readers who are interested in fashion and shopping through my blog. So I've made some updates here on the blog that will hopefully make it a little easier for my readers to shop from my site! So let's talk about those updates and how they will help you -

New To My Closet:
This is located on the sidebar, and you can view and shop items that I have recently bought and added to my closet. I am going to include everything from clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, and even new beauty products under this section. I will only link items that I truly love, wear often, and think are worth buying!

Current Favorites:
Also located on the sidebar, this section is my designated wish list. I will include things I am hoping to buy soon or wishing that Chris would let me buy (HA!). Often, the items linked will be seasonal - for example, with summer coming up, I've got beach items and summer dresses on my wish list! As always, I will only link items that I love and would buy for myself.

This is located on the navigation bar, and it's the new addition I'm most excited about!! You can now shop my Instagram looks just by clicking the shop page and finding the image you were interested in. The items in the picture will be linked, and you can just click on the items to browse. There is no signing up for emails - just clicking to shop!! If something I am wearing in the photo can't be linked, I will try to link similar items. PS. I will be adding more looks to that page soon - stay tuned!

Park Avenue Home:
I get so many questions about my home decor - mainly on my IG page, because that is where I have shown the most "snaps" of my home. I am totally planning to start doing more home posts on the blog as well - giving y'all tours of each room, etc. But for now, I am still working on decorating and not ready to share yet. In the meantime, I wanted to add a way that you can shop some of the things in my home - this is also located on the sidebar!

For all my recipe and travel lovers - don't worry, I will still be posting things related to those categories! As much as I love styling an outfit and sharing it with you guys, I also enjoy sharing those yummy recipes, fun travel adventures, and life happenings. I want to be considered more of a life and style blog - with a little bit of everything! So even if you're not into fashion, or just not into my personal style in general, that's OK - stay with me for those other posts that might interest you! :)

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see something more specific on here, please contact me and let me know! I have gotten a couple of emails about doing more beauty posts - on products I use, etc. So be looking for that soon! I would love to hear your feedback on the new updates and any suggestions you may have on ways to improve the blog. My ultimate goal is keep the interest of my readers and to make things easier for you - whether it's styling an outfit, cooking a tasty recipe, planning your new trip, or just needing some encouragement through personal posts. Have a great day and thanks so much for reading!
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