Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Best Buys: May

Hey guys, and welcome to my new monthly series - Best Buys! I don't know about y'all, but I love when I buy something and end up satisfied and loving my purchase. I also love to read about others recent buys and their review on items they love. So for this monthly series, I will be sharing my "best buys" of the month, and it will include items I have recently bought and would recommend to others. The items I feature could be anything and everything - from home decor, beauty items, clothes, accessories, to practical home needs. Hopefully, you will find some of these items and reviews helpful! Here are my best buys of May:

1. Statement Earrings - I've had my eye on these Lisi Lerch tassel earrings for forever and finally decided to get them after needing a good statement pair to wear to the Kentucky Derby (see full post here) with my simple white dress. I absolutely love them!! They are so pretty in person and make a great statement to any outfit. I have been wearing them nonstop. They go with so much more than I ever thought they would! Now I've got my eye on the white pair for summer.

2. Diptyque Candle - I have been wanting one of these candles for a while a now, but dropping $60 on a candle is not something I take lightly. I love a good candle just as much as the next person, but spending more than $20 on one seemed absurd to me. I finally broke down and bought one while we were in NYC, and I'm here to admit - I was wrong!! This candle is worth every cent. It smells amazing, burns so well, and can be recycled for other purposes like this and this.

3. Mercer Bathtub Caddy - I am a total bubble bath junkie. Seriously, I love a good bubble bath and take a long, relaxing soak at least three times a week. It was only a matter of time until I got a nice bathtub caddy! I love this one from Pottery Barn. It is made very well and is very sturdy. I love the book stand and the two side trays that hold candles, a glass of wine, your bath salts - you name it!

4. Amazon Echo - We technically didn't buy this ourselves - it was actually given to Chris from his company as a sales rewards gift. Chris had been wanting one, but I thought it would be a useless purchase considering our phones can pretty much do everything it does. However, after having one and using it for a few days, I think it's totally worth buying! Especially for a husband who loves "techy" stuff. We have it plugged up in our kitchen, and I love getting the weather and traffic report for the day while preparing my morning coffee and breakfast. I also love that she can play any song on demand, which comes in handy while I'm cooking! Chris loves asking her for a daily news/stock market update and to call an Uber when we are ready for a night out!

5. Fabric Steamer - Y'all, this is a laundry game changer!! I hate ironing. So because of that most of our clothes always ended up at the dry cleaners - which can get a bit pricey. I decided to purchase this portable steamer and have put it to use! It works so well and is easy to travel with! I take it on all our trips - because you know how those clothes come looking out of the suitcase. Woof. It is also very affordable - definitely recommend!

Can you believe another month has already come and gone?! Like what? Bye bye May and hello June! I'm super excited about this upcoming month because it's the start of summer vacation, and we have lots of fun things planned! What are your summer plans?! Thanks so much for reading!
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