Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Talk Tuesday: JUS by Julie

For today's installment of Talk Tuesday, I wanted to share and talk with y'all about a juice cleanse I did recently! If you've been around for a while, then you've probably read in previous posts that I started a weight loss and clean eating journey back in March. I lost 15 pounds and was feeling great! By the time May rolled around, I let myself go back to bad eating habits (and gained a few pounds back) - mainly because we were on the road with so much traveling. So, at the beginning of June I decided to do a one day juice cleanse to reset my body and get back on track.

Jus by Julie is my go to place when I need a quick cleanse. I don't have a juicer, and even if I did, I know that I wouldn't actually take the time to juice fruits and vegetables myself. Jus by Julie delivers bottles of juice at your doorstep - pre made and ready to drink! Even better? They are delicious. They offer a one day, three day, or five day cleanse. I have done the three day cleanse before, and to be honest, I was dying to chew food by day two - so now I stick with the one day cleanse! It is the perfect (quick) reset, and I can always see and feel results.

So what are the results? The juices rid your body of any impurities - unwanted toxins that cause pain, bloating and discomfort. The cleanse is desinged to give your body the maximum nutrition it needs in a day, and it will have you feeling refreshed with more energy, along with a decrease in cravings and a little weight loss. It is a great way to transition back into a healthy lifestyle -I've always been so pleased with the results!

At first, I was skeptical about the price and having juices delivered to my doorstep. I was worried it would be a rip off, but then I thought about the money and time I would spend trying to create a juice cleanse myself from store bought items and a juicer - having them delivered and ready to go just sounded much easier/better. Plus, I know I could never make juices as good as theirs! A few of my favorites include the Island CoconutSpicy Lemonade, and Morning Glory (I often order this one by itself to enjoy in the mornings with my breakfast). If you're interested in doing one of their cleanses, check Groupon before you purchase because they regularly offer coupons for different cleanses.

PS. This was not a sponsored post. I genuinely love the cleanse and have been so pleased with Jus by Julie that I just wanted to share it with you guys! Would you ever be interested in doing a juice cleanse? I would love to hear your thoughts/feedback. Thanks for stopping by!
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