Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Talk Tuesday: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Happy Tuesday, friends - how was your holiday weekend?! I hope y'all had a wonderful Fourth of July with your family and friends! I celebrated with my family at the beach house we have rented for the week in Seaside, FL. We spent the day with our toes in the sand, followed by an evening of fireworks on the lake pier (love the house we rented because it's on a lake but just a short walk to the beach - best of both worlds) and burgers on the grill. Pure perfection. With all the summer festivities in full swing, I wanted to talk about 5 ways to make the most of your summer before it passes you by. Summer is just gearing up, so take advantage of all the glory it brings by making sure you make the most of it!

1. Get moving - preferably outside.
If there's any month to enjoy those active activities - it's summer. Now is the time to start that exercise routine you said you'd start months ago - even better, take your exercise outside! Go for a run, do a yoga session in the park, take a hike, or enjoy a day floating the river with friends and family. I always feel so much better when I'm staying active, and even better when it's outside during these summer months.

2. Visit the Farmer's Market.
To me - nothing says summer more than a garden ripe tomato or freshly picked berries. I've always loved the flavors of summer, and you just can't get that from a grocery store. This summer, experience the food to its fullest by visiting your local farmers market to pick up a few of your summer favorites. Grab your basket, your family, and go load up on those yummy summer foods that you will miss come those winter months!

3. Take a weekend getaway.
Summer is the season of vacations, right?! If you can, definitely take some time away from the busyness of life to enjoy some time away at the beach, or wherever your favorite summer spot is. If you're not able to take extended time off, then at least make time for a quick weekend getaway. Drive somewhere close, check into a hotel, and just relax. It's so important to have a few days with no alarm clock and schedule every now and then, and there is no better time take advantage of that than summer.

4. Dine al fresco.
You absolutely cannot let the summer go by without dining outside (!!). This is definitely one of my favorite things about summer. We eat almost every meal outside on our deck, and it is so refreshing after being cooped up all winter. Light up that grill, pour a cocktail, and get the backyard party started! An evening spent outside with good food (cook with those ingredients from the farmers market!) will have you soaking up the true feeling of summer.

5. Don't sweat it. 
So many people skip out on the activities of summer because they don't like their summer body, don't want to be embarrassed, etc. I used to be that person - never really pleased with my bikini body and dreading time at the pool/beach because of it. As I've gotten older, I've realized that the only thing that matters is enjoying time with my family and friends and soaking up every minute of summer. It's time to stop skipping out on those fun activities, so don't sweat it - get out there and enjoy the sun!

Summer is such fun filled time, so make the most of it, friends! Speaking of, I'm about to head to the beach with my family. I hope you all are having a wonderful week - thanks so much for stopping by!

PS. All of the pictures in this post were taken last summer at one of my favorite places on earth, Jumby Bay, Antigua - read more about it herehere, and here.
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