Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Talk Tuesday: What Do You Love Most About Summer?

summer nights on our deck |

I'm ready for fall. I'm over this hot, humid weather here in the South and summer vacation for us has come and gone. Pumpkins, sweaters, and crisp air sound glorious; but the other day I was taking Louie on his daily walk, and I noticed a few things…

It was a later walk than our usual - closer to sunset. The street lights had just come on, and it was that perfect time at dusk where you don't really need a street light to see, but they add a nice "summer night" feeling. I could hear crickets singing, saw lightening bugs in the distance, and could smell
fresh cut grass and grills being lit for the evening.

As I walked by a few houses, I saw kids playing in the yard while their parents were on the porch with a beer. Dogs were being thrown frisbees and balls in the park across the street, and the ice cream truck was doing its last run around the block. Summer was all around me, and as we walked our usual route around the neighborhood, I thought about the things I love most about summer.

I love being able to take Louie on evening walks with a little daylight left. I love the sound of lawn mowers running in the early morning. I love sitting under our bistro lights with a glass of wine while Chris grills our dinner. I love the smell of salt water and sand. I love the anticipation of an upcoming vacation and the relaxation of it once I'm there. I love the activity in our neighborhood. I love the summer vegetables picked from a garden. I love walking to our favorite ice cream spot after dinner for a sweet treat. I love Saturday morning bike rides to pick up fresh bagels down the street.

Those are all the things that I know I'll be craving again - after the holidays have passed, and I'm officially over the cold weather. In that moment, the 90 degree heat (even at sunset) wasn't bothering me as bad, and the thought of summer slipping away and fall approaching didn't seem as glorious.

In that moment, I loved everything about summer. So I decided to soak it all in, and enjoy these last few weeks of the summer season. Am I still excited about fall? Yes. Because I love that season too. I guess I realized that I love every season for its own reasons, and I've decided to love the one I'm in right now.

What do you love most about summer? Let's talk about it!
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