Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Feels

I'm interrupting my usual Friday Favorites to talk about a fall feeling and tradition that we have created over the years. I'm a very nostalgic person… loving things of the past and memories that make my heart happy. Even though (right now) it's just me, Chris, and our pup, Louie, I still love creating memories and traditions of our own. There are so many things about fall that I love, but today I wanted to share a tradition that is really special to us and gives me all the fall feels.

In our very first home together, which was an old apartment, there was a real wood-burning fire place. I didn't love much about that apartment, but I loved that fire place. I waited and waited every year for the temperatures to drop so that we could make our first fire of the season. I always looked forward to cozy nights by the fire…. there is nothing like the smell and sound of a crackling fire. When fall finally came, we Chris would make a fire every night. It was something we both looked forward to after a long day of work, and after dinner, we would cuddle up for a quiet evening at home by the fire.

Eventually, we got the idea to roast marshmallows over the fire and make s'mores. We did this too many times to count (which is probably why I gained 10 pounds in our first year of marriage, that and the chicken pot pies he loved for me to cook), and it quickly became a tradition of ours - fall s'mores over our little fire in the living room. Looking back, I should have loved that apartment and soaked up every minute there, because it was our starting point, and where so many memories were created. That's what I love about the past…. all the feelings it brings out when you think back on it, and it makes you really appreciate things you once looked over.

When we bought our house, I was disappointed to find out that it had a gas fireplace instead of a real wood burning one. Chris must have been pretty bummed too because not long after we moved in, he brought up the idea of putting a fire pit in the backyard. I loved the thought of  having a big fire pit in our yard - a place where we could hang out with each other and friends... soaking up the season. So the fire pit became one of the first things on our house project list. It was finished just in time for fall, and all those fall feels came along with it. Five years later, we are still spending fall evenings by our fire and roasting marshmallows together. It's a feeling that takes me back to our first home, our new home, and the all the cozy feels that fall brings.

Photos | Catherine Truman

Do you have any fall traditions with a loved one, or something that gives you all the fall feels? I'd love to hear!