Thursday, October 13, 2016

Haunted House

If you know me well, then you know that I am the biggest scaredy-cat that ever lived. I hate scary movies, I don't do haunted houses, and the thought of one of those scary hay rides gives me total anxiety…so the fact that I decorate my home for Halloween really surprises a lot of people. My cousin especially gets big kick out of it (shout out to you, Kati).

But when we moved into our new house three years ago, I was in for a big shock on our first Halloween here. Our neighborhood goes all out…. and by all out I mean a million trick or treaters and every yard decked out with graves, flying objects in the trees, creepy sounds coming from who knows where - you know, all that scary stuff. While I can't bring myself to participate in that type of Halloween decor (maybe when we have kids one day?), I have brought myself to get in on the fun a little.

I've slowly been adding touches to our home to celebrate the Halloween season, and I loved the way it turned out this year! On the front porch entrance, I added Jack-O-Lantern lights around the door frame, a Trick or Treat pillow in the swing, and our skeleton friend, Mr. Bones, to the chair so he can welcome guests. Although the kids might think my house is boring at first glance, the skeleton usually gives them a little unexpected scare when they walk up… boo!

I especially love the way my mantle turned out. I finally convinced Chris to move the TV to another area of the living room so that I can have the mantle to myself. I always hated decorating around the TV! I was excited to add Halloween touches with candles, skeletons, crows, and a twig wreath. I also added candy corn in a skull head on the side table and eyeballs and potion bottles on our bar tray in the dining room. So here's my version of a haunted house (haha)….

Black Twig Wreath | Black Crows |Skeleton heads | small skeletons | Bug candles | Skeleton and crow candles | Black taper candles | Gold candlesticks, collected from antique stores|  Large Skeleton | Skull candles | Skull candy holder, hold, similar here | eyeball candy | black glass bottles, old, similar here | Jack-O-Lantern burlap string lights | Trick or Treat pillow (you can have it monogrammed with other holiday sayings!) | I've linked other Halloween d├ęcor items I love below:

Are you a Halloween person? Do you decorate your home for the spooky holiday?