Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Day Reindeer Pancakes

I love Christmas traditions. Growing up, my family had several - like opening one gift on Christmas Eve and the whole family going to see a movie on Christmas Day. So when Chris and I got married, we wanted to carry out the traditions we both grew up with, but also create our own! This one started our first year of marriage when I decided to make pancakes for us on Christmas morning. I wanted them to be I made reindeer pancakes! It kind of felt silly since we don't have kids, but we had fun with it, and now we make them every year on Christmas morning! I even made them for my family last year when we were in my hometown for the holidays.

It may sound crazy, but having traditions like making pancakes and having a Christmas movie marathon are really special to us because it has helped us cope with our infertility journey. We don't want to feel like we can't enjoy the kid-like activities of Christmas just because we don't have kids. We still bake cookies, make gingerbread houses, and ride around to look at Christmas lights. Its been fun creating these memories with just the two of us. And hopefully one day, we will have a little one to enjoy all the traditions with too. In the meantime, us adults will enjoy them! :)

- pancake mix
- bacon
- strawberries or raspberries
- whip cream
- chocolate chips or candy eye balls

- Cook your bacon and set aside
- Cook your pancakes according the packaging (one large for the head, one smaller for the snout, and tiny ones for the ears)
- Assemble by placing the smaller pancake on top of the larger pancake (towards the bottom) and the ears on the side of the head
- Tear the bacon to resemble antlers and place around ears.
- Place a strawberry or raspberry on the snout to make the nose
-Spray whip cream for the eyes and place chocolate chip on top of the whip cream (or use the candy eyes if you have them)
- After you get your picture :), serve with syrup... enjoy!

Photos | Catherine Truman