Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Tablescape

When we got married, we agreed to alternate holidays between our two families - we spend Thanksgiving day with one and Christmas day with the other, and then switch it the next year. Since we were with my family on Christmas day last year, we will be with Chris's mom, brother, and his brother's wife this year... who all live in Nashville!

I hate not seeing my family on Christmas day, but I must admit that waking up in our home on Christmas morning is really nice (and we will be traveling to see my family a few days after Christmas). Even though it's just the two of us (and Louie, of course), we have created special traditions to enjoy with each other, and being in our home together on Christmas is so special.

Chris's mom has us all over for dinner on Christmas day, so I invited everyone to our house for a Christmas Eve dinner! I love hosting and entertaining, and there is no need for her to do double duty! I am still planning the menu out (I'm thinking pork tenderloin), but I have set our table for the festivities and wanted to share it with you today!

It's pretty simple - just fresh greenery, a little decorative garland and tall candles, but I love the way it turned out! I'm really learning that less is more when it comes to decorating. My Christmas china is very special to me because my family has given me different pieces over the years. My grandmother gave me the wine glasses last year and it really adds to the place setting - I love the gold rim!

I can't wait to have the family over in just two days.... what?! I need to finish planning my menu and get to grocery shopping! Have you finished all your Christmas to-do's yet? It will be here before we know it. I'll be sharing a fun Christmas day tradition/recipe of ours tomorrow, so make sure to stop back by! Thanks for reading!

Photos | Catherine Truman

Who will you be spending the holidays with this year?