Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Home Tour // Part II

Louie and I are back with part two of our holiday home tour! I shared part one last week, and you can see it here. Today I'm sharing my living room area... my favorite room in the house! This is where our Christmas tree is, and nothing makes me happier than cuddling up in my favorite chair by the tree every night.

I also love the way our mantle turned out! I shared a little about that here when I gave you a little Halloween home tour, but just in case you're new around here.. I finally convinced my husband to move the T.V. to a different area of the living room so that I could have the mantle all to myself. Insert praise hands here. I was mostly excited about decorating it for Christmas, and I just love it with the candles, lights, greenery, and stockings!

Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet?? I am finishing ours up today and sending them on their way! A little late, but they'll get there when they get there. I also have some shopping left to do and a lot of wrapping.. neither of which will get done anytime soon since we heading out of town tomorrow for our anniversary that's on Saturday. Speaking of, the ornament you'll see below is our wedding invitation placed inside.. my absolute favorite ornament to hang each year!

Anyway.. normally I would be freaking out, but not this year! I might be taking this slowing down this Christmas season a little too seriously... ha ha! But for real, I know I will get it done. For now, I'm taking the weekend to be present with my husband and enjoy the celebration of our anniversary. I do have a few more posts planned for this week though, so I'll see you back here tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy the home tour!!

Photos | Catherine Truman