Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Whole30: Week 3 Update

Whoooo hoooo!! Week 3 - I made it through! I am currently on the homestretch... day 24!! I honestly can't believe how fast it's going by. Don't get me wrong, there have been some days that have seemed to draggggggggg by, but overall it feels like we just started! It's hard to believe we are nearing the end! So let's do a little recap of week 3, shall we?

How I am feeling: Pretty awesome I must say - no headaches, no stomach aches or digestive issues, more energy, more focused, and sleeping like a champ!! I am getting a little burned out on eating eggs, so I have been trying to switch some things up for breakfast and not include eggs - like a sausage and sweet potato hash over wilted spinach. This week was also a little more difficult because Chris traveled for work, so I had to do some extra prep and make him meals to go for his trip. I packed him a little cooler full of Whole30 compliant meals (leftover chili, a batch of avocado chicken salad, egg muffins, and fruit) - shouldn't I get some type of good wife award for that? Ha ha! But seriously.

What I ate: Since he was gone, most of my meals were thrown together with whatever we had in the refrigerator - which is a good way to use up everything and not waste food! Oh, I did make buffalo chicken wings for the Falcons game on Sunday afternoon and they were delicious and super easy to make!! I will link the recipe below!

Weekly tip: If you have Snapchat, follow the Whole30 account (username: whole30) because they are always sharing great recipes and tips for surviving Whole30! I have learned a lot more this go around just by following and watching the daily updates! Plus it's always good to see more food ideas, especially when you are getting burned out on eating the same thing!

Weekly trick: Really missing your coffee creamer?? I ordered this dairy free creamer that is Whole30 approved and love it!! The french vanilla flavor is the best, and I love creamer being back in my life. I can leave the sugar out of my coffee, no problem, but there is something about pouring that cream.... am I right?

Favorite recipes: Baked Buffalo WingsLemon Garlic Herb Baked Salmon, and Whole30 Chicken Tenders.

For next week's update, I'll be giving a full recap plus a little on the reintroduction phase and how I plan on eating after Whole30!

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