Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter Weekends

You know what I love most about winter? Being able to slow down and do things I normally wouldn't do when the days are longer and filled with warmth and sunshine. In any other season, weekends are filled with to-do lists, travel and busyness. But winter weekends seem to come with no plans and the gift of time. Time for comfort and staying warm.. time to be home.

Sleeping in, lighting a fire, reading a book, cooking twelve hour stews... all these things lend themselves to rest as they restore us in a slow, much needed way. Things are quiet and there is no rush to get out in the cold winter weather. Instead, time is spent inside with cozy blankets, warm food, and the people you love.

This whole month has been filled with simple weekends, and it's been so refreshing after a busy holiday season and what I know will be a busy spring. I've been spending them in the coziest lounge set and the warmest slippers, with no agenda and multiple cups of coffee. It is weekends like these that really make me appreciate this season we are in - because what good would the warmth of summer be without the cold of winter to give it its sweetness.

Photos | Catherine Truman

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