Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day Blush Crush

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Or do you celebrate it at all? I've always enjoyed the holiday! As a kid, I looked forward to decorating my "mailbox" for all my cards to go in at school. As a teenager, I loved the little "happies" my mom would give me and my sisters. As a single girl in college, I enjoyed spending the day with my girlfriends - a dinner out or staying in and watching the best chick flicks. Now, I love celebrating it with Chris and setting some time aside to focus on each other.

Our Valentine's Day celebration is usually a date night out for a nice dinner, or staying in and cooking together. It's always fun to dress up a little if we go out, and I almost always opt to wear blush pink! I'm not one to wear a lot of red or hot pink, so I think a blush color is the perfect medium. I saw this pretty pink midi dress online and knew it would not only be perfect for a Valentine's Day date night, but also good to wear into spring! We have a wedding to attend in March, and I think it's the perfect spring wedding guest attire. Even better? It's only $49 and comes in black, white, and red!

This faux fur white coat is absolutely beautiful in person, and it's perfect to wear with dresses while the temperatures are still chilly. I love the texture it adds to an outfit, plus it's so soft and so warm! It's currently 50% off  and comes in two other colors - black and midnight. So tell me, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear! Do any of you have fun plans with your girlfriends? Some of my favorite Valentine's Day memories include my single days and hanging out with my gal pals.

Photos | Catherine Truman

Faux Fur Coat (50% off!) Midi Dress (only $49 and comes in 3 other colors)Heels