Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whole30: Week 4 Update

Y'all, it's my day 31... I can hardly believe it - I'm done!! But you know what the crazy thing is? Even though I'm "officially" done with the program, I don't want to stop... so I'm not! I have had so many "non-scale victories" as the Whole30 book calls them, that I want to keep eating this way! Obviously I won't be following the rules as strictly, but I am making Whole30 part of my lifestyle on a daily basis.

Next week, I will be sharing more of my non-scale victories, how much weight I lost and how I plan on continuing to do a more relaxed version of the Whole30 eating plan from here on out. But today, I want to finish up my weekly updates by sharing a little information about week 4!

You can find my other weekly updates here: Week 1Week 2, and Week 3. If you're wondering why I decided to do Whole30, you can read more about that here.

How I feel: The best I've ever felt. I don't know how else to describe it but by saying that. I haven't had a headache in weeks (since my first week withdrawals), and you if you know me well, then you know that is a victory in itself because I have suffered from headaches all. my. life. I have a TON more energy, which has really come in handy for my half-marathon training. No stomach issues whatsoever (except for a few days when I changed fertility medications - but not food related at all), and my skin is still looking great - no breakouts when Aunt Flo came to visit this month (which you girls know all about!!).

What I ate: For breakfast we stuck with bananas, almond butter, and hard boiled eggs. I did scramble some eggs one day, but for the most part, we kept it simple. We ate several "cold lunches" this week - which are great because they are quick and easy to carry to work if you need to pack a lunch! The idea behind a cold lunch is basically throwing any protein, veggies, and healthy fats into a bowl -with a little dressing if you wish. I made a batch of chicken salad with approved mayo for my protein and served it with different raw veggies and fats each day: greens, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, beets, carrots, avocados, nuts, and olives. Basically just mix and match! I topped my "bowls" off with Tessamae's Lemon Garlic Dressing - which is absolutely amazing!! I put this on EVERYTHING when doing Whole30, and I will continue to buy and use it after Whole30. For dinner, I cooked Chicken Pot Pie Soup (made enough for two dinners), Chicken Tenders with baked fries (amazing!!!), and Sweet Potato Enchiladas.

Weekly tip: As you are approaching the end of your Whole30, make sure you write out your reintroduction plan!! This is so important. You don't want to jump head first into eating all the things you worked so hard to cut out the past 30 days. Make a plan on how you will reintroduce each food group and stick to it.

Weekly trick: Always keep these things on hand in your refrigerator: hard boiled eggs, cooked chicken, guacamole, (the wholly guacamole at Costco is approved and so yummy, or make your own!), veggies (cooked and raw), and greens. In a pinch, you can do so many things with these foods! For example: one night I did not feel like cooking. I had all these things on hand though so I made a quick salad with the greens, veggies, and cooked chicken. Chris heated up some cooked veggies (sweet potatoes and peppers) and the cooked chicken, topped it with some guacamole and viola... we both had dinner! *I always prepare my cooked chicken and cooked veggies on the weekend so they are ready to go for the week ahead.

Favorite recipes: Whole30 Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip (would be great for the Super Bowl!!), Rosemary Lemon Chicken with Potatoes, and Triple Seafood Chowder.

And that's a wrap on my weekly updates! I hope they were helpful!! Be sure to check back next week to see my life after Whole30 plan and how much weight I lost... hint: I am very happy with the number! Have a great Wednesday!