Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Makeup Refresh with Beauty Counter

Spring is in full bloom! It's the perfect time to give things a little a revamp, but spring cleaning shouldn't be limited to just your home and closet! At the start of a new season, I like to go through my makeup bag and give it a little revamp - throwing out old products and switching my color palette to match the current season. So I was so excited when my friend, Lauren, reached out to me about trying some Beauty Counter makeup products for spring because it was the perfect timing for a makeup refresh!

I've actually been a lover of Beauty Counter makeup for quite a while now - especially since starting my wellness journey with Essential Oils and working to eliminate all chemicals and toxins from my home, especially the ones I use on my body. A lot of people over look their makeup bag when it comes to chemicals, but y'all, the makeup out there today is full of synthetics and chemicals that are just not good for you! That's a whole post in itself, but for today I'll just say that you can use Beauty Counter products knowing that they are completely safe (read more about their story here)!!

Switching up your blush, eye shadow, and lip color are the best ways to give your makeup a refresh for a new season! So for spring, I've started using the Color Sweep Blush Duo in Bloom/Tulip, the Color Shade Eye Duo in Peach/Bronze, and the Sheer Lipstick in Rose. All three of these are perfect tones for spring - soft and light while adding a little highlight and extra glow!

I love that Beauty Counter also has personal consultants that you can work with! My friend, Lauren, is a consultant and would be happy to help you get started using Beauty Counter products. You can visit her website HERE or contact her via email: lauren.hill.428@gmail.com. I promise you'll love the products just as much as I do! In fact, Beauty Counter makeup is all I wear now because it's safe for you and pretty... now that's the best of both worlds!

Blush (c/o) | Lipstick (c/o) | Eye Shadow Duo (c/o) | White Tank | Cardigan | Jeans